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Effective Ways To Select Multiple Files Mac Instantly

Most of Mac users enquire about the process of how to select multiple files on Mac. Because, this is the process which saves you a lot of time in deleting, sharing, or file moving tasks. The process of sending the files everytime will not only waste your time but also your valuable effort. So, here in this article, you will get all the single possible methods to select multiple files on Mac efficiently.

Benefits Of Selecting Multiple Files Mac

If you learn the process of how to click multiple files on Mac then, you will get several benefits for this, which are as follows.

  1. a) Learning a new process will make you more confident and efficient to perform file sharing, moving, or deleting a task.
  2. b) Times for choosing and moving the multiple number of files will be minimized.
  3. c) Whether the files are located serially in the folder or not, nothing will stops you to select the multiple files from the containing folder.
  4. d) If you learn this process, you will not have to look several times in performing the copy-pasting task of the files. By utilizing this process, you can select all the content folder files at the same time.

Different Ways To Select multiple Files Mac

There a number of ways available to perform this task. All of them are simple and you can perform this, only at a single go through this article. So, without wasting time, let us discover the time-saving methods to perform deleting, sharing, or file moving task of multiple files.

Way 1: Click And Drag Method

If you want to select multiple files at a time, then this process will be the most efficient method to fulfill your requirement. Only you need to identify the starting and the end point which you want to select. After that, using the cursor, click on the initial file and without letting it, drag till the end file. On doing this, you will see that all the files in between will also get selected automatically during this process. After selecting the number of files, now you can continue with the task of your choice.

Way 2: Utilizing The Shift Key

This is a tricky method for selecting multiple files on Mac. By learning this, you can entertain your friends or colleagues with a totally different method.
This method will help you in multiple files selection process without skipping between files. To do this, press and hold the Shift key. In this situation, click on the initial file and the end file till which you want to select the files. This process is also applicable for Windows users.

Way 3: Select Using Command+A Keys

If you want to select the content of the total files in the folder then the above two methods will not be an easy one. For this, click on any file. After that, press and hold the Cmd key (and Control in case of Windows) along with the letter A, to Select All. You can also perform this same task with the steps.

If you resist yourself to use the Shift and the letter A key then this process is for you. At first, click on any file or the folder and then go to the Edit/ Organize option. After that, from this opening menu list, click on “Select All”. This is the ultimate step to select all the contents of the folder.

If you want to learn the process of how to select multiple files on Mac then continue with this below section.

Way 4: Cmd+Click

Selecting multiple files Mac is a very useful process to perform a number of tasks like file sending, moving, or deleting. Sometimes the user may need to select multiple files but not in an adjacent manner. In this case, the process for doing this is as explained below. This process is also helpful for the user if he/ she wants to cancel some files from the overall selection.

Selecting the adjacent files is simple and can be done by applying any of these above-explaining processes. But if you want to select some of the files, which are unorganized, then this will be the process you need to follow. Press and hold the Cmd button to add or subtract any file from the list. To do this, you only need to hit on the files by keep pressing the Cmd button. Once you are done with the selection, if you want to make some changes with the selection then, you are able to do this by utilizing this process.

To save your valuable time these are the very effective methods to select multiple files on Mac.