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Learn How To Search For A Word On A Web Page Mac Safari

On your Mac device, the tab of Smart Search bar offers many exciting features to the users. With this single searching tool, you can access useful information on your device. This includes the history of your browsed items, bookmarks you saved and words or phrases you typed on Safari browsing window. However, if you want to locate a specific word on any website, it can be a hectic job. Fortunately, there are a few easy and quick steps, which you can learn to find a particular word. In this article, you can go through the discussion on how to search for a word on a web page Mac Safari. It will also cover some useful information regarding conducting various types of searches using Safari’s Smart Search bar.

Steps to Find Specific Text on the Safari Web Page

While browsing through log articles and web pages on your browser, users may think how to search for a word on a web page Mac Safari. Fortunately, you can make use of some shortcut methods to search your targeted words and phrases on Safari. So, if you want to learn the tricks and find the exact word, phrase, etc., apply the following steps on your iOS or Mac.

Instructions to Locate Word on Mac’s Web Page

To point out a certain keyword or phrase on a Mac or OS X device, you can utilize the keyboard’s shortcut. Also, with this method, users can navigate to the specific sections that consist of those phrases or texts. You can even apply this solution to other apps and programs besides Safari. So, let’s discuss the steps to see how to search for specific words on Mac and learn how Safari find on page results on its browser.

First, you can press both the Command as well as ‘F’ buttons in order to display the in-page search box. If you want an alternative to this, simply go to the tab of ‘Edit’ on Safari browser window and select the ‘Find’ option. It will show a drop-down menu, where you need to choose ‘Find….’ to work with the search box.

On the Search bar, write your desired phrase or word and hit the ‘Enter’ key or click on ‘Done’. As soon as you press the ‘Enter’ button, Safari web page will show you the matching text, keyword or phrase by highlighting all.

You can further use the right and left arrow keys for scrolling across the search results and go through the word/words. There is also a feature to obtain a broader search result with advanced controls.

So, select the text you just entered in the search box and it will display two options. Either you can choose the matching texts that ‘Contains’ the specific word. Otherwise, you can go with the highlighted content that ‘Starts With’ the particular text.

Luckily, users have the privilege to switch between both these modes of the search bar on Safari. Hence, whenever you wonder how to search for a word on a web page Mac Safari, you can try this method.

Instructions to Locate Word on your iOS’s Web Page

If you want to find any word within a web page on iOS while working with Safari, try the following steps.

For applying this method, open a website of your choice on Safari browser and tap on the Share button. While scrolling through the bottom menu towards the right, you will notice ‘Find on Page’. This feature enables users to search results, which Safari find on the page while opening a browser on iOS. So, tap on the icon with a magnifier symbol.

Now, on the search box, start typing your search word and Safari will immediately begin to highlight the matching texts. In order to navigate through the page and the highlighted words, you can press the up and down arrow buttons.

Know How to Search Various Items on Mac Safari using Smart Search Bar

If you are curious to know how Safari utilizes the Smart Search box to find different web pages, bookmarks, histories, text, etc., the following information will be helpful. Here, you will come across the method to understand how to search for a word on a web page Mac Safari and a few other interesting discussions. So, let’s start with how to work with Smart Search bar on your iOS, Mac or any device.

Steps to Use the Smart Search Feature on Safari

First, you need to go to your Home screen and launch the ‘Safari’ browser. Thereafter, navigate to the top section and find the tab for Smart Search bar.

Tap on the box and write any keyword, phrase or word you want to search for. Then, hit the ‘Go’ button, which is present at the bottom-right of your display.

As soon as you press this tab, Safari will search the internet and show you the best possible matches.

Instructions to Find Web History and Bookmarks on Safari Search

In order to search for important bookmarks and browsing history items, first launch the Safari browser. Then, tap on the search box and try to search for keywords that you have already visited before.

After typing the words or texts, go to the option of ‘Bookmarks and History’. Here, you will find a list of sites you searched using Safari. If you have marked any page to view later again, it will be visible under the section of bookmarks.

However, if you haven’t saved any web pages on Safari as a bookmark, you can do this by tapping on ‘Add to bookmark’.

In case, you find any difficulty in searching for any specific word or phrase on Safari, you can try the steps discussed in this article. However, you can also seek professional guidance to know how to search for a word on a web page Mac Safari. If you want to share some useful tips to locate a word on Safari browser, use the comment section.