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How To: Run As Administrator Command Line Windows 10 [Ultimate Guide]

A prompt is a sequence of characters. We know that command prompt is the most useful feature in windows. This prompt need you to control your computer or laptops. Use this application we change settings, access files by typing commands. In this article to see how to run as a command prompt or administrator command line in Windows 10. Let’s see the 4 standard ways of run command prompt or run as administrator line;

4 Standard Ways To Run As Administrator Command Line:-

In Windows 10 Microsoft made it easier for users to access main commands to manage and set up the operating system. They received the power user menu also known as Windows + X menu. In order to start run command line in Windows 10. Follow this steps;

Step 1:- Run Through Start Menu;

Right-click on the start menu or press the key sequence Windows + X and select Command

Prompt or Command Prompt  (Administrator).


In Windows 10 version beginning with 1703 creators updates, this menu contains Windows PowerShell and Windows Powershell (Administrator) instead of command prompt. If you want to restore Command Prompt to its standers location then try this:-

‘Go to settings – personalization – taskbar – turn off the element ‘Replace Command.’

After you turn it off, the Command Prompt will be back to its usual place. You don’t even have to log off or restart the system.

Step 2:-

To start the Command Prompt, enter ‘ command prompt ‘ in the windows search field and the system will show you a link to the application Command Prompt. Another way to open the search field with the key sequence Windows + S.
To run Command line or Command prompt as administrator, right click on the shortcut and select ‘Run As Administrator’.

Step 3:-

  1. You can start the Command Prompt from the search field by entering the command ‘Cmd’.

    2. Next, press Windows+R and type in the field the command ‘cmd’.

    3. Then, press ‘ok’.

Step 4:-

Command Prompt is a Command Windows application which is an executable file cmd.exe that is located in the folder.

If you need to start Command Prompt as administrator do it by right click and select the necessary item in the context menu. You can also create the shortcut cmd.exe on the desktop, in the start menu or in the taskbar.

How To Used Command prompts:-

In order to view them, start a command prompt in any way you find convenient then enter help. Press the enter. As a result, the Command Prompt will show the list of its commands. You can also enter help and the name of a command to learn more about it.


Congratulation, now you know how to run as administrator Command Prompt. Hopefully, this article helps you to run a command line. Please, follow these 4 standard ways to solve your problem. You mainly used once. Which steps really you used to explain your experience. Do you have any question?

so, please put your question in our comments box.