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How To Resolve WiFi Calling Error | Easy Fixes

WiFi calling is a lifesaver when your cell phone network is inoperative. It is a great alternative plan to have if you want to make yourself available whether for work or for other personal reasons.

WiFi calling through mobile phones has been common in the last few years. Despite being a familiar feature on devices of Android and iOS, users do not realize that it is incapacitated by default.

Hence, you may face WiFi calling error when trying to make calls using WiFi. 

Fixes for WiFi Calling Error

You can optimize your experience of WiFi calling by following the methods below. As per your WLAN architecture and hardware, the steps may vary slightly.

Solution 1: Create a High-Density Design

Wireless density implies a number of WiFi gadgets that one needs to plan to support within the coverage area. As WiFi calling provides end-users various benefits covering better strength of the signal and enhanced call clarity, more users will tend to join WLAN. 

Your WLAN design would bounce in this wireless density. In addition, it would place wireless connecting points close, which will allow better administer the rise in connected devices.   

Solution 2: Preparation of a Rise in Internet Traffic

Ensure that your internet plan has a per WiFi call bandwidth of 12Kbps-72 Kbps. Well, this number may not be a big one, but it can rise up quickly when you start taking dozens of simultaneous calls over the WLAN.

Solution 3: WLAN QoS

Having QoS set up on the wired LAN does not imply it is also configured on the wireless LAN. Preparing QoS policies for voice enables various WMM services to enhance voice communications when congestion occurs in WLAN.  

Solution 4: Smooth Roaming

Most of the organizations advise WLAN vendors to enable technologies allowing seamless roaming on a WLAN between wireless access points. This means adopting IEEE 802.1X, IEEE 802.11k & 802.11v for faster-authenticated roaming techniques and for providing assisted roaming respectively.

Solution 5: Drive Gadgets to Connect at 5GHz 

One of the easy methods to check that your mobile is having the best WiFi connection for voice communication is to drive them for connecting to the band of 5GHz instead of 2.4 GHz. There are various reasons for this such as:

  • 5GHz band rage is less congested
  • It has a larger number of Non-overlapping channels
  • Also, it provides the greatest potential for wireless throughput.

There are also various methods to drive WiFi calling gadgets to link with 5 GHz. Two of the most important are:

  • Creating a particular SSID that performs only in the 5 GHz bandwidth
  • Using a method known as band steering in order to force users to use a 5 GHz spectrum instead of 2.4 GHz.    

Some Other Solutions

  1. Switch-off any power-saving or battery saving characteristics on your device.
  2. Delete downloaded applications that might explore or manage WiFi networks.
  3. Update your device software to the current version.
  4. If your device is using WiFi 1.0, you should have a T-Mobile SIM card in the device for using WiFi calling.
  5. If you are having access to the network source:
    • Switch off your modem and router
    • Wait for 30 secs and turn on the modem only
    • As the modem shows it discovered an internet connection, switch on the router and connect it to the modem
  6. Delete the WiFi profile from the device.
  7. Turn off your device for 30 secs and turn it on again.
  8. Connect it again to add your WiFi network connection
  9. For Android devices: Wipe out the cache partition
  10. For Apple device:
    • Switch off WiFi assist
    • After that, go to the Settings app on your system.
    • Next, click on Phone
    • After that, click on WiFi calling
    • Lastly, turn off WiFi calling on this device.
  11. Enable 4G for only data
    • Firstly, return to the Settings app then choose Cellular/Mobile Data and go to Cellular Data options.
    • Now, click on Enable 4G.
    • After that, select Data only

    Lastly, restart your device after it is rebooted to check if the problem persists.