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Safari Cannot Download This File: Get Rid Of It With Proper Methods

Safari is a famous web browser for Apple devices. However, if it interferes in downloading any files, then do not lose your hope. In this article, you can clarify your doubts about the Safari cannot download this file issue along with the easy methods.

What Causes Safari Cannot Download this File?

There are several factors which cause the Safari download file problem and which are examined by the experts are as follows.

  • Lack of Disk Space: If the location where the Safari keeps downloading the files gets fill then this can be a major reason for which you are stuck with the Safari cannot download this file issue. If this is the case, then there are two different methods to resolve this issue. And the methods to get rid of this problem are as below:
  1. a) By removing some files from the download section of the Safari browser.
  2. b) Selecting a different location for the upcoming downloads of Safari.
  • Sometimes, it is also found that due to the accumulation of Cache files in the Safari, this problem arises.
  • Internet Connectivity Problem: If there is any problem with internet connectivity, then this will also create the downloading files issue using the Safari browser. So, check out the internet status, at first, to identify if this is the reason for this glitch.
  • Problem with the Source File: If the file which you are trying to download is itself have some error, then this can be the fact for this problem. So, if you are facing the downloading related problem, at first, try a different source to ensure that the earlier source has some problems.

Whatever be the cause, if you are not able to identify by the application of all these above-said tricks, then you can try these below methods. With the application of these below methods, many of the Safari users fix this problem efficiently.

How to Solve Safari Cannot Download This File Creating Glitches?

As mentioned earlier that there are several factors which are responsible for this type of problem. If you are stuck with the Safari cannot download this file error, then try these below methods. Here, we have discussed the methods along with the complete steps, with the help of which you can fix this problem. So, let us start.

Method 1: Clear Cache Files from Safari

At first, let us deal with the memory related problems with the Safari browser, which is the main culprit for the Safari cannot download this file error. To clear the Cache files from Safari follow the below steps.


First of all, you need to open the Safari browser and then navigate to the “Safari” tab on it. After that, under the Safari tab, you will get an option as Preferences, click on it. Next, from this open screen window go to the Advanced section and enable the checkbox, which is beside to “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.

Then, from the upper menu panel of the Safari screen, click on the “Develop” tab and select on “Empty Caches” from the available options. As the Safari Cache files get removed, now retry to download the file of your desire, to check if you are able to perform it or not. And if the problem still persists, then go for this next method to fix the error.

Method 2: Change the Preference for the Safari Downloaded Files

There might be a chance that by relocating the Safari downloaded files location the problem gets solved. And the steps to perform to do this task are quite easy and are as below.

At first, launch the Safari browser. Then, from the upper available tabs click on “Safari” and select the “Preferences” option, to open the window. Alternatively, you can open the Preferences window, with the help of pressing the Command button along with the Comma (,) symbol.

Next, go to the General tab under this Preferences window.

And navigate to the “Save downloaded files to” section and by dropping the menu arrow, select the location of your device where you want to locate the Safari downloading file. After settling down the Safari downloaded file location click the “Exit” button to close the Preferences window. Now, try to download the file which you want to use in your device using the Safari browser to check if the error gets resolved.

Method 3: Free the Disk Space of your Device

Many of the times, it is found that the problem arises due to the space issue. That the file which you want to download is required a huge amount of memory, which your device cannot afford due to the presence of many of the files in it.

If this is the case, then you can solve it by freeing up the disk memory of your device by removing or transferring the sufficient amount of memory capturing files from your device to any other device. After freeing up sufficient amount of memory, hopefully, you will get rid of this error to download the file using the Safari browser.

These above three methods will work if the problem is related to Safari cannot download this file is occurring due to the memory issue.

Method 4: Check the Internet Status

As explained above that if the internet does not work properly, then this is one of the key factors which is responsible for Safari cannot download this file error. And to verify if this is the case, try to play a high-quality video online to check if it plays without stopping or not.

If it stops, then it indicates that the problem occurs due to internet glitch. If this is the case, then you need to try to download the file after restarting both the system and the internet device. Hopefully, after restarting both the devices you can get the error fixed.

If after going through all these above stages still, you see that Safari cannot download this file error, then the best method which you can try is to freshly download the Safari browser on your device. And the steps for this is very simple, but these are some requirements which you need to fulfill to perform it. And the necessary things are:

  • Internet Connection
  • A different working browser in the system

Method to Downloads Safari Free

To perform the Safari downloading task, at first, you need to uninstall the Safari which is present into your device. After doing this task, then open a browser of your device. And with the help of this browser navigate to the Safari downloading page.

From this downloading page, get the Safari browser, which is perfect for your device and download it. As the Safari downloading process is over, install it properly. As you complete the installation process successfully, now restart your device. Now, as the device starts, check whether you can perform the file downloading task using the Safari browser.

All these above are the tested method for solving the Safari cannot download this file error. After going through these above methods, hopefully, you can able to fix this error in a proficient manner.