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How To Reset Netgear Router: Step By Step Solution

Netgear is a common name among other renowned routers. Like other routers, it also encounters some issues, which may stop you to access it completely. If you are getting any such issues and decide not to use it further, then it is better not to make such a decision. Only by resetting the Netgear router, many major problems can be solved. So, let’s check out the ways and try the process of how to reset Netgear router.

There are two different ways to reset Netgear router which are as follows:

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset

Soft Reset will be in the priority list among these two. Hard Reset can result in hardware failure. So, it is better to use the hard reset process as the last option.

How To Factory Reset Netgear Router? Detailed Guide

Here, in this section, you will get both the processes of resetting the Netgear router. So without wasting much time, follow the process to reset Netgear router with easy and effective hacks.

How To Reset Netgear Router Using Soft Reset Process

There are two different ways to perform the Netgear soft reset, which is as follows.

Way 1: Using Netgear Login ID

How To Reset Netgear Router Using Soft Reset Process Using Netgear Login IDTo begin with this, at first, connect the router device with your system using an ethernet cable. Make sure that, both the router and the computer device power is on. After that, open a browser of your system and at the address bar type the IP address of your router. You can get your router’s IP address, from the sticker attached to your router. If not, then, go to the last section of this article to learn the manual way to get the router’s IP address. After you get your router’s IP address, place it on the browser address bar and hit on the Enter button. Now you are at the Netgear login window.

Further, on this window, enter all the details (username and password) which you have set for your router device. After placing the username and password on the provided area, hit on the Login button. That’s all to get signed in to your Netgear account. Next, proceed with these further steps to perform the Soft Reset of the Netgear router.

Maintenance> Settings Backup> Erase

As you login to your Netgear router account, select on the “Settings Backup” option, under the Maintenance section from the left-side panel. After that, click on the Erase box, which will is visible at the right side of this window. On doing this, you can reset the Netgear router.

Now, once the resetting process is over, reboot your router, utilizing the Netgear dashboard. The process for doing this is very simple.

Further, from the Netgear login page, hit on the “Diagnostics” option, under the Maintenance section. Then, click on “Reboot” from this right-hand side window. It will take 2 minutes to end this rebooting process. Then, it is also better to reboot your internet modem device as well. On doing this, you will complete the Netgear resetting process. Now, you can setup your Netgear router from the beginning.

Way 2: Utilizing WPS And Wireless Button

How To Reset Netgear Router Using Soft Reset Process Utilizing WPS And Wireless ButtonIf the above process is not helpful for you to reset Netgear router, then, try this simple method. To start this process, at first, find both the WPS and Wireless key from the Netgear wireless router body. Then, press and hold both these (WPS and Wireless) keys for about 10 seconds. On doing this, you will find that the power light starts blinking, let it be. Then, as the router reboots, you will end up with the factory reset Netgear router process.

If both these process fails, then proceed further to end your quest regarding how to reset Netgear router.

How To Reset Netgear Router Using Hard Reset Process

How To Reset Netgear Router Using Hard Reset ProcessThough this is a risky method, you can try this as your last option which may be the effective in solving the error related to your Netgear router. So, let us proceed with it.
Hard reset is the easiest process to perform the resetting task but a little risky. If all these above methods fail to accomplish the resetting task then stick to the below guidelines.

To start this process, ensure that the Netgear router is plugged into the power outlet and the switch is turned on. After that, search for the Reset key, which is generally located at the bottom section of the Netgear router. It may also be located in a different location on the router body, which totally depends upon the model number. After locating the Reset button, take a pin which you can insert into this Reset hole. By using this pin, press and hold the reset button at least for 45 seconds until the lights start blinking. Now, wait, till the lights become stable.

After that, reboot both the Router and the Internet modem to reset Netgear router using hard reset process.
These are various methods which are very useful to reset the Netgear router without much stress.

Get Your Netgear Router IP Address

Get Your Netgear Router IP AddressIf you are not finding your Netgear router IP address then try this solution to get it.

Tap the Windows key, to activate the Windows search bar. Then on it type cmd and hit on the Enter button. On doing this process, the Command Prompt window will open. Next, on this Command Prompt window type ipconfig and press the Enter button. Now, on this Command Prompt window, you will get a section as Default Gateway. The number beside the Default Gateway section is your router’s IP address.

Hope, after studying this whole article, you will not face any problem to perform this task.
Once you are successfully done with the process to reset Netgear router, you can share your feedback and reviews.