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How To Reset Firefox: Easy-To-Apply Instructions

Despite having some great features and a friendly user-interface, there are certain problems that Firefox users often face. No technology comes flawless and Firefox is no exception to this. In case you are also facing issues with the browser and are hence looking forward to getting some assistance regarding the matter, resetting Firefox can be the best option for you. And this article will guide you on how to reset Firefox. So, let’s move forward towards that.

What Does The Reset Procedure Do?

While setting up Firefox, the personal information that you provide and the general settings you put are saved in the profile folder. Now, after you reset the Firefox browser, it automatically creates another profile with some of the previous important data.

Before you begin with the steps, there is something that you need to know. During the process, all your Firefox profile folder, themes, and extensions will be deleted. Though the add-ons you have saved in different locations will be intact, it will reset all the modified preferences.

Therefore, it is always recommended to create a backup of the Firefox bookmarks before resetting the browser. Because this procedure can delete the bookmarks and existing passwords. So, even if the process removes them from your browser settings, you can again restore them using the backup.


Reasons To Reset Firefox Browser

Firefox is undoubtedly a well-appreciated web browser. But there are cases when you may find it difficult to deal with some of its technical troubles. For example,

  • Firefox responding slowly.
  • Firefox not loading web pages.
  • Browser crashing on a constant basis.
  • Screen getting stuck at certain websites.

There are many more issues that this web browser often goes through. And in order to fix them all, resetting the browser can be the most ideal choice.

Easy Steps To Reset Firefox

Easy Steps To Reset Firefox

These are some simple instructions that you can follow in order to reset Firefox. Just apply the given step-by-step procedure and do it successfully on your own.

  • Choose the icon with three parallel lines from the top of the window.
  • Click on the question mark that is appearing on the drop-down menu at the bottom.
  • In the slide-out menu, select Troubleshooting information.
  • As soon as the new web page opens, choose the ‘Reset Firefox’ button.
  • Navigate to the confirmation pop-up window and click on ‘Reset Firefox’.

And you are done. Now wait for a while and let the browser reset itself. After the procedure is finished, all your browser settings will go back to their default states. So, make sure you have kept all your data saved beforehand to avoid any unnecessary data loss.

Hopefully, this article answers how to reset Firefox and will help you remove the browser glitches. So, go ahead and complete the task successfully to get a better browsing experience with Firefox.