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How To Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation (Step By Step Guide)

Amazon’s Echo Dot 3rd generation speaker can become unresponsive due to certain minor glitches. This is when you may need to reset your Echo Dot 3rd generation to its default factory settings.

Luckily, Amazon has made it easy to wipe out your personal accounts and details by simply deregistering the Echo Dot 3. This is helpful when you are trying to sell your speaker to someone else. The device will no longer have your details and the new user can add his personal details to connect the speaker. 

Sometimes, the speaker can go unresponsive due to various reasons and restarting the device can prove to be helpful. 

So, before resetting it, try restarting the speaker once. Now, you need to just unplug the power adapter from the speaker and then plug it back in.

However, if it still does not work then read on to find out the steps on how to reset Echo Dot 3rd generation speaker.

Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation or Echo Dot 3 speaker

There are two ways to reset your Echo Dot 3. One way being directly through the Alexa App and another using the device itself. Both work for completely clearing your virtual assistant, i.e.Alexa’s memory. Further, this also deletes all the details from the device. 

How to Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation using the device?

The steps below show how to factory reset 3rd Generation Echo Dot speaker and erase all the setting details:

  1. Locate the Action button on your Alexa Echo Dot speaker, that is on the right of the top panel. Press and hold the button for 25 seconds. You can release it once the led ring light turns to orange.
  2. The ring will then turn blue for a few seconds. Wait for the light ring to turn off, until it glows again. The ring light will be back to orange again indicating that the speaker is in setup mode. 

Finally, you can open the Alexa App on your phone or tablet and connect it to a new device. You will again need to connect to a Wireless network and register with a new Amazon account.

How to Factory Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation speaker from the Alexa App?

Here are the steps to reset your Amazon speaker and virtual assistant through the Alexa App:

  • Open the Alexa App on the phone or any other smart tablet that is connected to your Alexa device. If you do not have the app installed, download and install it from the Play Store or App Store.
  • When you open the app, on the home page, tap on the “Devices” button.
  • Then, from the dropdown list of menu, select “Echo & Alexa”.
  • Next, identify your Echo or Alexa device that you want to reset.
  • Find “Device is Registered to:” with the following device to which the speaker is connected to. Then, tap on “De-register” to de-register your Echo Dot 3. 
  • In the window that comes up, confirm your selected option by tapping on “Deregister” again.

Your Echo Dot 3rd generation speaker has been successfully reset. It is now finally back to its factory settings.

To start the setup process again, press the Action button on the speaker. Hold the button for about 5 seconds before releasing it. When the ring light turns orange it indicates that your speaker is in setup mode. 

From the Alexa app again, with the help of a wireless network, register it to a new Amazon account.

Another way to de-register the Alexa Echo Dot speaker

If you prefer to use your computer device or laptop, then you can reset through that as well. Open a web browser and directly go over to the official website. Sign in to your Amazon account. 

When you have successfully logged into your Amazon account, go to “Accounts and links” and scroll down. Locate “Digital content and devices” and click on it. Next, go to “Manage content and devices”. Now, at the top of the webpage, navigate to devices and then click on it. It will list the names of all the Amazon devices that are presently registered with you. 

Finally, select the Echo Dot that you want to de-register and then scroll down to confirm by clicking on “De-register”. There will also be an option for you to delete all your audio recordings from the Echo Dot 3rd generation (if there was any). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the Echo Dot 3rd Generation not working?

Your Echo Dot device may not be responding due to a lot of reasons. Often it turns out that the power adapter you are using is faulty, in the first place. So, you need to make sure that you are using the adapter that came with your 3rd generation Echo Dot device. 

It could also sometimes be the internet’s fault and you may not have an active internet connection. Other times, it could also be that Alexa could not hear your command. So, make sure that your Echo Dot virtual assistant is away from walls, too much background noise and other speaker sounds.


Q. How to connect the Echo Dot device to a WiFi connection?

First ensure that you have an active wireless internet connection, open the Alexa app on the device that you have connected to your Echo Dot. Then, select “Devices”. Tap on “Echo & Alexa”. Select the Echo Dot device that you want to connect. Finally, change Wi-Fi Network following the app’s instructions. 


Q. Do you need to pay a monthly fee for Alexa Echo Dot?

No. You do not have to pay anything for your Alexa on a monthly basis. Basically, there is no subscription fee or cost to use Amazon’s Echo Dot. However, you had to pay a yearly subscription fee if you chose to be an Amazon Prime member. By being an Amazon Prime member, one gets to enjoy many extra services such as faster delivery and free music.