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Easy Guide: How To Reset Asus Router Password

Designed to manage your home network it solely aims to provide the top notched internet surfing experiences of your life. In the form of the add-on, you gain notifications for all the secuirty threats that you might encounter while browsing through the internet. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in game accelerator helping gamers to enhance gameplay by minimizing game packet loss. However, the most common problem is encountering is password strength deficiency.

Sudden abrupt minor issues can be easily be mitigated if you know how to make the necessary changes. This is where this article proves to be beneficial. Read the document to get a proper insight on the steps that can expertly help you how to reset Asus router password.

Basic Reasons To Reset Asus Router Password

Before proceeding with the quick hacks to reset the router’s passwords, let us take a glance at the causes that prompt you to change it. Have a look:

  • Unable to access the router’s admin panel.
  • Disruption in spending and receiving data packets, securely.
  • Too many unwanted users are connected with the router’s network configuration.
  • Need to change the router’s settings for wireless network SSID or encryption settings.

Now, that you are well accustomed with the underlying causes, proceed to the next section that renders help with immediate effect.

Essential Steps On How To Reset Asus Router Admin Password

There are two methods that you can use to how to reset Asus router password, irrespective of the model. The first process deals with the administration settings of the router and the second one requires the physical reset button.

Step 1:

To initiate the resetting process, navigate to your default web browser and in the search bar enter the IP address.  Now, press Enter to access router setup dashboard. In case you are unable to recall the IP address associated with the router than move to the next step.

Step 2:

Locating the IP address is a pretty easy task. Navigate to the Start menu and in the search box, type in ‘Command Prompt.’ Alternatively, you can also press the Windows and R keys to do the same. In the run dialog box, type in the command “ipconfig” and hit the Enter key. A  Windows IP configuration will pop-out. Locate the name Ethernet adapter, beneath this you will read a numeric string, just beside the ‘ Default gateway address’ label. This is the IP address assigned to your Asus router.

Step 3:

If you are already through with the first step then directly proceed to the third one. In the router’s admin panel, type in the administrator username and password. Usually, the default username and password is ‘admin’, but if you have ever made any changes previously, then enter the recent one. Click on the Ok button to continue to the next part.

Step 4:

Locate the Advanced Settings menu on the left side of the screen and click on the Administration option. In the new window, click on the Restore/Save/Upload Setting tab, usually present at the top of the page. Finally hit the Restore button, and wait till you get a confirmation box. To begin the resetting process click the Ok button.

Step 5:

If you find that the above steps were not enough to help you resolve the matter at hand, then use the the physical Reset button. Hold down the reset button on the Asus router and wait till the power LED begins to flash. Release the button and wait till the lights become stable.

Step 6:

You will note that the Asus router automatically turns off and restarting. Try to access the router and check if the initial setup screen appears. This is an indication that the resetting process was successful.

Step 7:

Now, you can again, move to the admin panel of the router and change the password in order to prevent unwanted users from accessing your critical data. The default password is readily available on the internet, which can be obtained by everyone. To ensure that you do not fall prey to hackers, make sure to use a not-all-easy-to-decipher password.


The above steps must be able to help you answer all your router realted queries on how to reset Asus router password. If the router fails to restart automatically then, hit the restart option to help the router determine the recent changes. However in case you do not have much acquaintance in the technical domain, then get the requisite help at the earliest.