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How To Remove Norton Online Backup In Minutes

In this ever-growing world of digital and technological advancements, our life revolves around technology. However, with an enormous increase in the use of such technological devices and mechanisms, safety is indeed a constraint. In this digital age, we store, share or transfer innumerable files images and documents online. Essentially speaking, this is where the pivotal importance of Norton Online Backup as a security program comes into play. The program is immensely helpful and backs up, retaining a copy of all the essential documents for security purposes. Nonetheless, such security programs also need to be removed or uninstalled if needed. Therefore, in this article, we are going to offer you a detailed transcription of the ways to remove Norton online backup

How to Remove Norton Online Backup Most Easily?

Norton Online Backup is a security program of professional standards. The program not only stores and backs up all the file and documents but also retains a copy of the files. Furthermore, this online security program recovers the files quickly in case if your hard drive crashes or you encounter any other technical glitch. However, at a certain circumstance, you do need to uninstall the Norton Online Backup Program. Keeping in mind such circumstances, in this section, we are going to guide you through the procedures of Norton online backup uninstall. Take a look.

How to Remove Norton Online Backup on Windows via Control Panel?

Now we shall proceed with the methodologies of Norton online backup uninstall for Windows. However, before we go on to discuss the steps, you must note that you can make use of the Control Panel in order to remove Norton Online Backup from Windows. Now in order to uninstall the program under discussion via Control Panel, you need to adhere to the instructions cited hereunder.

First, go to Control Panel. In case you are using Windows 7/8  or for that matter Windows Vista, you need to reach out to Programs. Under Programs, you simply need to select Norton Online Backup, and then click on option entitled “Uninstall a Program”. And just in case, you are using Windows XP, you will have to press on the option named “Add or Remove Programs”

Norton Online Backup uninstall Via Run Dialog Box

You can also remove Norton Online Backup by means of the Run dialog box. All you will have to do is click on Windows as well as R word key simultaneously. Once you are done, you got to feed in the text “ appwiz.cpl” and hit the Enter key thereafter.

The moment you do this, a list of programs installed at present on your system will be displayed. Once the list of programs gets displayed on the screen, you got to choose the option named “ Norton Online Backup”. Thereafter, you must press either on “Remove” or “Uninstall” option. Finally, on completion of the entire process, you simply need to conform to the on-screen instructions adhering to them thoroughly.   

Remove Norton Online Backup On Mac

To remove Norton Online Backup on Mac PC, first and foremost, you need to move your cursor to “Library”. Once in, navigate over to “Application Support.” Under this, you are going to find the option entitled “Norton Online Backup”. When you locate the option, you will have to simply double-click on the icon.

On execution of the entire process, you got to reach out to the Authenticate Window. Within the Windows address bar, you must feed in your administrator name as well as password.  Following this, press on the OK button in order to complete your action.

Important Notes for you to Consider

You must remember something in the context of Norton online backup uninstallation. Removal of the program from your PC does not eliminate the set of backup that you may have created earlier for your PC. Furthermore, you can conveniently uninstall the program through the portal of Norton Online Backup Program. Moreover, you must also note that the uninstallation of the program in question does not essentially deactivate the license of the key to your product. Also, the removal of the Norton Online Backup Program will not lead to the cancellation of your Norton account.

And the best part is that even after uninstalling of your program, you can reinstall the same back again any time you wish to. For this, you just need to log into your Norton Online Backup program through your web browser.

Apart from all this, you must also take into consideration that in order to uninstall the Norton Online Backup program on your Mac Operating System, you must first log into your computer through a user account that is equipped with administrator privileges

Parting Note

With this, its time for us to part with you. We hope that the article will help you immensely as with the methodologies we suggested, you can easily remove the Norton Online Backup Program. Therefore, do pen down all the tips that we offered so that you can execute the methodologies all by yourself. And as for the effectiveness of the procedures stated above, you can confide on us entirely. For these will serve your purpose like no other.