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AutoKMS: A Brief Discussion [With Solutions]

Recently, individual PC users and organizations have been complaining of virus threats being a  major cause of concern.

There are a considerable number of viruses circulating lately. And just like them, one such virus is AutoKMS.

In this article, we have discussed AutoKMS in brief. Besides, we have also provided its working principle and solutions to get rid of it. To know more, dive into this write up thoroughly. 

What is AutoKMS and How it Works?

AutoKMS poses more of a medium or low threat to your system. In the majority of the time, the unregistered software associated with it becomes a huge cause of concern and the actual problem.

AutoKMS is an illegal third party tool and thus you can never be sure about it. Basically, it is connected to the remote host and this can cause distinct unwanted situations.

This can provide access to many hackers and can also force a download of any malicious or corrupted software on your computer. There have been words from Microsoft technicians claiming that AutoKMS is a variation of the Trojan Virus.

However, the thing is, you can uninstall AutoKMS any moment, but can’t do so in case of Trojan Viruses.

This must make you eager to know its working principle. Well, if you have downloaded a pirated version of, let’s say Microsoft office 2016, then it is required for you to activate AUTOKMS. 

Apart from that, you will also be asked to disable any kind of antivirus. You can either run its portable version in the background or install it like other applications. This will also cause remote servers to mimic Microsoft’s KMS activation process.

After that, it activates the license for around 180 days. After the expiry date, you have to make sure to run it again and this will provide you a license for the next 180 days.

Although it sounds like a piece of great news, unfortunately, it is not. This is due to various reasons. First of all, the pirated version of Windows is not safe for use. 

Another thing is larger installation packages attract a considerable amount of hackers. In such cases, they can hamper the files and add unnecessary files within it.

On the other hand, if you use AutoKMS with the original Microsoft products then there are chances of things going wrong for you.

Is AutoKMS a Virus?

Well, to be honest, autokms virus is a hack tool and not a virus. People have been downloading it intentionally so that they can activate as well as crack any unregistered products of Microsoft so that they can move past the security measures and avoid any payment.

However, it can also give access to hackers and grants help for an easy malicious software download. 

Is HackTool win32 AutoKMS Dangerous?

According to a review on Quora, AutoKMS is more similar to a backdoor worm than Trojan. He further adds that it is safe for use and is basically used for evaluation purposes.

This software is quite an efficient solution for unlocking the full features of Windows temporarily. Therefore, a few days of use will not do any harm to your system and the evaluation of the complete features of Windows will be quite easy. 

However, make sure to buy a license key after a successful evaluation and then undergo a complete malware scan using either Windows defender or any third-party antivirus installed in your system.

This will help to track the AUTOKMS and after that, you can easily get rid of it by blocking or deleting it.

So we can conclude that it’s not that dangerous for your system but it is recommended to take precautions before doing anything. This is because piracy can result in penalization by Windows. 

How to Remove AutoKMS?

As you got a clear idea regarding AutoKMS, we are going to discuss some of the techniques by which you can get rid of it without any issue. Here we have listed two ways by which you can remove AutoKMS.

Uninstall AutoKMS

Uninstall AutoKMSTo remove AutoKMS, all you have to do is just uninstall it. Navigate to the Control Panel and then remove it easily like any other application. To know the detailed procedure, take a look into the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, go to the search bar and type Control. After doing so, open the Control Panel.
  • Now, in the category view, select “Uninstall a program”.
  • Look for AutoKMS and then uninstall it. Get rid of all the downloaded installation files.

Deep Malware Scan

Deep Malware ScanIt is also recommended to perform a deep malware scan. You can do so by the inbuilt anti-virus of Windows called Windows Defender. 

Also, if you want, you can use any other third party application and run a scan. This will help you get rid of any malware or corrupted files without any hassle. To undergo a deep scan with Windows Defender, follow the steps mentioned below thoroughly.

  • First of all, open Windows Defender from the notification area.
  • In the next step, select “Virus and threat protection”.
  • After that, click on the “Scan offline” option.
  • However, keep in mind to save everything before moving further as the PC will restart.
  • Lastly, click on Scan.

In doing so, your system will start a deep malware check-up. This may also include any third-party applications as well as viruses.

It will help you to get rid of all the types of malware without any difficulty. However, after that, it’s up to you whether you will uninstall and delete the corrupted program. 

Basically, AutoKMS is suspected to be pirated software and there are other software similar to it. These files are much more dangerous and thus needs to be removed from your system. 

The steps mentioned above should remove the AutoKMS virus for you without any hassle. It has been quite helpful for users and we hope it will be helpful for you as well.

Please let us know in the comments whether these solutions stated above were helpful for you or not, Also, make sure to share this article with others if you liked it.