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How to Remove Adf.ly Virus [Step-by-Step Guide]

Is your web browser constantly redirecting to the Adf.ly page? It is likely that your system is affected by an adware program. You need to follow this article if you are facing this problem while browsing. We will help you with procedures that you can follow to remove the adware. 

What is Adf.ly?

Adf.ly is an advertising service that redirects the user’s browser to its own browse page and is generally used to make money. The number of clicks made by users makes money. This browser generally redirects you to an ad page that can be skipped after the ad is played for a certain period of time. 

Thus it is actually an advertising ploy. Adf.ly is a legitimate advertising platform, although it can be exploited by adware and can be a threat to the users’ systems. 

How Does This Adf.ly Virus Enter Your System & How Does It Work? 

The adf.ly redirect might be caused by the malicious advertisements on the sites you have visited or it might be adware. When you download free software from the internet, these malicious programs are already bundled with them. 

Some free downloads do not disclose the other installations and unfortunately, the adware enters your PC. Once they are installed in your system, they will redirect you to their page every now and then when you open a browser. 

Signs that Your System is Infected by Adf.ly Virus

These are some of the issues that Adf.ly virus creates in your system. 

  • Random advertisements.
  • The homepage of your browser changes without your knowledge.
  • The web pages are not displaying properly.
  • Weblinks redirects to different sites other than what you clicked for. 
  • Pop up fake updates and software updates.
  • Installation of unwanted programs.

If you keep the ads, it will eventually risk your system’s safety. It will start showing issues like crashing randomly, freezing and programs will take a longer time to load.  

How Can You Remove Adf.ly Virus? 

We have provided a few methods that might look huge but do not worry, they are precise and easily understandable. Follow these methods to remove the adf.ly virus from your system. 

Uninstall the Malicious Programs from the System 

Uninstall the Malicious Programs from the System 

  • You have to find out the malicious programs and remove them from the system. To do that, you need to go to the Start menu, type ‘Control’ and select Control panel from the serach results. 
  • When the Control panel opens, click “uninstall a program” under the Program category.  Scroll through the list that is now displaying on your screen under Programs and Features and try to find the malicious program, then click on it to highlight and then uninstall the program by clicking on Uninstall. Click Yes in the message box to confirm the uninstall. 
  • Follow prompts to uninstall the program. Read all the prompts carefully to delete each and every virus from the system. 

Remove From Google Chrome

Remove From Google Chrome

  • Removing the ADF.LY virus from the system requires that you follow certain steps and procedures.
  • Remove the Mailiciious Extensions from Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome and click on the Menu icon. Then click on More tools> Extensions. Now, by clicking on the trash icon, you can remove the unwanted extensions. 
  • Change the Startup Page of your Chrome Browser
  • Click the menu icon and from it click Settings. Click on Set pages link under “on startup”. Type your favorite website as your status page.
  • Change the Homepage of Google Chrome
  • Click on Menu and then Settings. You need to click Change after putting a tick mark on the “show home button” under Appearances. Delete the present webpage, type in your favorite website and then click Ok. 
  • Change the Default Search Settings of Google Chrome
  • Click on Menu and then Settings. Click on “Manage search engine” under search. Choose your default search engine and click on Make default. Click X to delete the other engines from Google Chrome. 

Remove Adf.ly Using Windows Control Panel 

Remove Adf.ly Using Windows Control Panel 

You can uninstall the malware from the Control Panel. To do so, you need to go to Start, type ‘control panel’ and hit Enter. Next, in the Control Panel window, choose Uninstall a Program. Go through the programs and select entries related to the Adf.ly virus, like excessive popups, my search, ads by adschoice, etc. and click uninstall. 

These are the procedures using which you can remove the Adf.ly virus from your system. We hope this article has already helped you. Feel free to comment mentioning any other way with which we can remove the adware. 

For your system’s better health, downloading free software is a strict no-no. Or if you are downloading it, be careful what it brings into your system.