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Learn How To Put iPhone 6 In Recovery Mode

While updating the iPhone sometimes, users face a difficulty in which the device suddenly stops responding. This error could occur because of some lousy beta or only because of update issues. In this situation, the iPhone requires its recovery mode to terminate the problems. Here steps in the query “how to put iPhone 6 In recovery mode?” among the users. Most of the issues with iPhone resolve only by restarting the device. But for the complex errors, the phone needs to be into the recovery mode.

The recovery mode implements the iPhone when the updating of the iOS takes place, and the phone freezes. This condition occurs only when the battery of the cell phone is low at that point, or its health is deteriorating. It even happens because of some corrupted updating files. The recovery mode is even required to keep the backup while upgrading from the beta version. Also, when the bugs attack the system to restore the data iPhone uses recovery mode.

So, in this article, you would understand the use of the recovery mode for your iPhone 6 and also you would troubleshoot the errors of the machine using it.

Ways To Resolve iPhone 6 Errors Using Recovery Mode

To start the recovery mode, first of all, open the device and then perform a quick restart to it. Provide the machine a rest for about 10 seconds and then, press the power button which is on the right side of the phone. Slide the confirmation and then provide the login password as the admin to find the home screen. Make sure the iTunes application is running correctly and then plug and connect your iPhone 6 with either a Mac or with a Windows computer. Hold the Home button and then release it after 3 seconds. Let the system connect with iTunes. The iTunes software will run a full scan of the system and identify the errors. One pop-up will appear on the display of the phone, and thus the recovery mode will reestablish and regenerate your equipment. Thus recovery mode starts in the system.

Recovery Mode On iPhone 8

Close the iTunes application on your Mac and then plug the USB to your computer and connect it with your iPhone. Again, open the iTunes application and click on the Volume button and select the side button to compare it.

Use Recovery Mode On iPhone 7

Restart the iPhone 7 and then click on the volume button. Slide to the home screen and then Connect your device to the computer. Check the iTunes and click on the Release button. This operation will start the recovery mode on the device.

Exit Recovery Mode

As you have understood “how to put your iPhone into the recovery mode?”, you would even want to know how to exit the recovery mode once the process is over. To start the process, first of all, unplug iPhone that’s connected to the computer. Press the sleep mode until the phone switches off. Again press the button to restart the phone. This process will stop the activated recovery mode in your device.