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A Comprehensive Guide to Mirror Your iPhone to Roku

Roku is a streaming media player that plays an efficient role in streaming your favorite online TV shows, movies, songs, etc. through an internet connection. However, when it comes to connecting the iPhone or iPad with TV’s other than Apple TV, it often causes compatibility issues. 

How to Mirror Your iPhone to RokuTo solve this issue, Roku came up with the concept of mirroring the iPhone or iPad to Roku. It is basically a way by which you should be able to connect the iPad or iPhone to Roku and then mirror it to your TV set.

Here, we will be providing you step by step instructions following which you will be able to perform the mirroring process easily.

How to Mirror Your iPhone to Roku?

Hopefully, with the above information, you got a clear concept of mirroring and know the reason why the iPhone mirrored with Roku. Now, know how you can mirror your iPhone to Roku with the help of the steps discussed in the section provided below.

  • Firstly, go to Network, and connect Roku with the Wifi on which your iPhone is connected. (Both the devices should be connected to the same WiFi)
  • Go to Settings and then select the “System” option. Click on “System update” and see if your device is updated to the current version. Make sure to update it, if it is not already. 
  • After doing so, go to “System” again and then select “Screen mirroring” so that the mirroring feature can get enabled.

This will set up the Roku Play device for you. In the next part, we will be discussing the process of mirroring your iPhone to Roku. Follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Download the Roku application from the Apple App Store and open it on your iOS device.
  • Upon doing so, the Roku app will display the devices that are available for connection. Locate your TV name and connect it. This will start the Roku screen monitoring

How To Mirror iPhone to Roku With Video and TV Cast for Roku?

Due to its impressive compatibility with Apple devices, Roku can be used with any iPhone version. Here we have mentioned the process of mirroring iPhone to Roku with Video and TV cast for Roku

  • Install and launch the Roku app on your iPhone.
  • Create a free Roku account if you do not have already. Sign in if you have an account. 
  • Connect your TV through the app.
  • From the toolbar below, choose the “Play On Roku” option.
  • Select and play the content according to your preference. It can either be music videos, images, etc.
  • Doing so will mirror the content on your TV successfully.

Hopefully, now you got a fair idea of how you can mirror your iPhone to Roku. Well, that’s it. Share this post to convey the information further.