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How To Manually Update Windows 10 [Step-by-Step Guide]

Windows 10 is the latest version of Operating System developed by Microsoft. If your system is connected to the internet, then by default it automatically start to download the updates. However, if there is an issue with the automatic updating process on Windows 10 then nothing to fret. Stay glued with this article and you will be able to learn how to manually Update Windows 10.

Procedures To Manually Update Windows 10

Let us check the procedure of how to manually update Windows 10. The methods discussed here are the easiest ones and should ideally help you out. But make sure that you follow the protocols correctly and do not skip any step.

Open Software Download Page Of Microsoft

At first, open a browser and then on the address bar type download Microsoft Windows 10 and hit on the Enter button. Now from the search result of your browser pick the top one. By clicking on the top search result, the Software Download page of Microsoft official website will open.

Click On Update Now

In this page, you will visit an Update now box, beneath the Windows 10 available update section, click on it.

Make A Left Click On Save> Run> Update Now

By doing this, a new window will open. On this screen left click on ‘Save’. After that, on this below window it will show you the finished downloading message. After that click on ‘Run’ option which is beside to Open folder. Again click on ‘Update Now’ from this Software Download window.

Now it will start to download the updated version of Windows 10 OS. The time taken to complete this process will depend upon the internet speed which your internet provider serves you.

Allow The Program To Run

After the downloading process is over, click on the file. By doing this, a permission window will open and it will ask your permission to make the changes to your device. Click on ‘Yes’ to allow it. Then you will see a message on the screen of new popping window, which says that you are not using the most updated version of Windows 10. Below of this window, you will get an Update Now box option, tap on it.

Click On Next

Further, in the next window, you will see a message as “We’ll start downloading Windows 10 in a moment”. On this screen pick the Next option, which is present at the below-left corner of this window. Now on the screen, you will see the Downloading process is going on as a percentage basis. Again the time taken to complete this process will totally depend on the speed of the internet connection which you are using. It will take several minutes or more than an hour to complete this downloading process.

As it is a time-consuming process so for this point of time, you can minimize the window by selecting the ‘Minimize’ option. By doing this, you are protecting this window from any faulty action of choosing a wrong option. Try to keep away from your system until it gets over because any disturbance during this downloading process may damage your system.

Keep Your Eyes On The Computer Screen

Once the downloading process is over, it will automatically start to verify the download. You can see this verifying process in percentage on your Windows screen.

Once the download process is over, then it will automatically start updating Windows 10. This process is also shown to the user as a percentage.

After the completion of the Windows 10 updating process then again it will automatically start to prepare Windows for your system and you will have to wait until the percentage of loading value is reached up to 100%.

Checking for updates> Checking your PC>  Making sure you’re ready to install all these processes and then keep checking for the below steps.

Click On Restart Now

During the installation of Windows 10, your PC will restart several times. Don’t be afraid by that as it is a normal procedure. It will start to update automatically after 30 minutes, or you can also click on ‘Restart Now’ to save your time.

After clicking on Restart now, a window with the message “You’re about to be signed out”  pops up, click on ‘Close’. Now your system will start to Restart. At the time of Restarting your Windows, you will see that the working on updates gets loading. During this procedure, it is to advised not to turn off your PC.

Choose The Exit Box

As the working on the update loading process gets over, several welcoming messages appear on your PC. A message will be displayed which says “This might take several minutes” message then again you will visit the Microsoft Welcome Update page. This time you need to close this window by hitting on the right upper red cross and then choosing on the “Close all” tab. Then on the screen, you will visit “Thank you for updating to the latest version of Windows 10” message and then click on ‘Exit’ to finish this process.

Now enjoy using with this the updated version of Windows OS on your device.