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How To Make Google My Homepage [Quick & Easy Hacks]

Surfing becomes rather easy when Google is set as your web browser’s homepage. However, many times users do not know the entire process to make Google their homepage. 

Basically, the procedure varies according to the browser you are using. The entire process is quite easy to execute and can be accomplished by following some easy instructions. 

To make Google your homepage, you need to know the complete process for each browser viz, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

How to Make Google My Homepage According to the Web Browser?

As mentioned earlier, the process varies from browser to browser. Here, we have discussed the process to set Google your homepage for each web browser in detail.

For Google Chrome

Although Chrome itself acts as a Google search engine, you can still make it your homepage. Just follow the steps provided below:

  • First of all, start Google Chrome and click on the menu situated upwards at the right corner. Then go to Settings.
  • Once the Chrome settings open for you, go to the Appearance section and then turn on the toggle for the “Show home button”.

Mark the text field beside it and then type the official website link of the Google inside it. 

For Microsoft Edge

If you are a Microsoft Edge user, make sure to follow the steps given below in sequence. Next, 

open the Microsoft Edge browser and then click the menu button situated at the upper right corner. After that, click on Settings.

  • Navigate to the Microsoft Edge General Settings and look for the Customize section. Now, turn on the toggle beside the “Show the home” button.
  • Go to “Set your home page” and then click on the Start page. Select “a specific page” option.
  • Once prompted to enter the URL, type the official link for the Google website.

Again, click on Save to successfully set it up as the home page. 

For Mozilla Firefox

Now we will provide the steps for Mozilla Firefox users. So, follow the instructions to set up Google as the homepage for Mozilla Firefox.

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox web browser and then click on the menu. Go to “Options”.
  • Within the left panel click on “Home”. Look for the “Homepage and new windows” option.
  • Click on Firefox Home (Default) option and choose “Custom URLs”.
  • Enter the link for Google i.e https://www.google.com/ within the text box. 

In doing so, Google will be set as the homepage on your Firefox.

For Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, follow the steps cited below to make Google your browser’s homepage.

  • Start Internet Explorer and click on the gear button located upwards. After that, click on “Internet options”.
  • Go to the General tab and then navigate to the “Home page” section. Enter the official link for Google and then click the OK button.

Thereafter, you can restart Internet Explorer and hit the homepage button to see if Google comes up.

For Safari

Lastly, if you are using Safari, then execute the steps given below to set Google as your homepage.

  • Launch Safari and then go to Safari>Preferences>General.
  • Navigate to the Homepage section and type the website link for Google.

So, this was the complete process following which you should be able to make Google your homepage on different web browsers.