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How To Login Verizon Account With Easy Steps

Verizon is one of the largest wireless communication service provider of America. Verizon Wireless released its internet services all over the world and is quite successful in its venture till now. If you are a Verizon account holder and if you are in trouble to log in with your Verizon id then, this article is for you. Here we have discussed “how to login Verizon?” account with some easy steps.

How to Login Verizon Account?

If you are a Verizon account holder and if you feel difficulty to log in with your Verizon account then, you can follow the steps written below:

  • At first, go to the official Verizon site
  • Then, move on to the Sigh in option which is located in the top of the right side of your device screen. When you find that option click on it.
  • After that, go to the My Account section and Enter the User ID of your account. You can use your mobile number instead of the User ID.
  • After, entering the User ID and the password click to Sign in.
  • At the next step, select the Register option to register your account
  • Then, follow steps as per instructed in your computer screen
  • After, completing all the previous mentioned procedure you will be asked a few questions for the security purpose
  • Then, click on the Continue option to complete the procedure

The above-mentioned steps will help you for the Verizon log in.

Trouble to login with your Verizon Account? Follow The Steps

If you are in trouble to log in with your Verizon account then, here are the steps that can help you to fix the issue with Verizon login:

Locked out while signing in Verizon

If you are locked out while you sign in to your Verizon account then, you must need to check that whether you have inserted the correct password while login. The issue may occur due to an unsuccessful attempt to log in with your Verizon account. So, you must be care careful before entering the password and you should always remember the password.

Forgot Verizon Password

If you forget the Verizon password while you sign in to your account, then send a letter to your Verizon billing address or you can send a mail to official Verizon address. Within 3 – 5 business days you will receive a letter with a Password. Then, use the provided password to create a new password.

The Verizon Account has disconnected

If your Verizon account has disconnected then, you can still log in with your Verizon account. If you can remember your User ID then, you can sign in to My Verizon on its official site. You can use it for six months after disconnecting the account. You also need to remember your mobile number and password of your account and remember the last name on the account and ZIP code.

If you need to pay any bill by using your Verizon account but your account got disconnected for more than six months then, you can also pay it with the using of your Verizon account.

If some of the Verizon Pages Won’t Display then what you should do!

If you are in trouble with some pages in your Verizon account then, you must need to update your internet browser. Sometimes the older version may affect your Verizon pages. You should download the updated version of the software.  

But, if you registered your My Verizon with an email address rather than the mobile number, in that case, you won’t be able to access many pages in My Verizon.

What if you have Forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your Verizon password then, don’t panic. Keep calm and read our article because here we are going to discuss what you should be doing if you cannot remember your password.

If you forget your password then, you just need to remember your My Verizon username and go to the Verizon Wireless official website. After that, click on My Account and then, select the Forgot your info option. Then, you need to enter your mobile number and click the Continue button.

After, completing the above-mentioned steps you need to follow the on-screen instruction. Then, enter the 5 digit ZIP code and click to Continue. After that, click on the Send Password option and enter your 10 digits mobile number in the billing address section of your account.

Now, enter the temporary password and go to the Sign in option. After that, enter your new password in the Create and Confirm section. Then, click on the Continue option.

The things that, you must need to keep in your mind while creating a new password is:

  • The password must need to have 8-20 characters
  • It should be included with 1 letter and 1 number
  • You should always choose a complicated password

So, this was all about detailed on how to login Verizon. Hope you have got your answer with the help of this guide? Let us know by commenting below and stay with us for more interesting article like this.