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How To Login Into TRENDnet TEW-731BR Router?

Trendnet is one of the biggest tech-giant in manufacturing high-quality communication devices. And the best part of their devices is that these can work without an antenna. Among the other models of Trendnet routers, Trendnet TEW-731BR router used mostly as it comes with the dual-band 802.11ac and it works great at home. With this device, you will get 4 ethernet ports with an additional USB 3.0 connector. 

Nowadays, users always look for the security of the router. If you use the Trendnet TEW-731BR router, you can make it secure with the help of the NAT or Network Address Translation and SPI firewall. Here, we are going to provide some easy steps through which you can log into the router while trying to change the default settings of the device. 

Easy Steps to Log into the Trendnet TEW-731BR Router:

You can follow the below steps for Trendnet TEW-731BR login:

Step 1: Open the Web Browser

First and foremost, you will have to connect the router and check if the cable is working properly or not. Then, turn on the computer that is connected to the wireless network of your home and then open a web browser. Now, type the IP address “” in the address bar and press Enter. 

Step 2: Type the Login Credential

Now, enter the default password and username of the router in the specific field. Or if you have changed the default login credentials of the device, then be ready with the new password and username. Most of the time, the default password and username of the router is:


  • Default Password: ‘admin’


  • Default Username: ‘admin’



Note: This password-username combination os found to be correct in 85% of the router. 

Step 3: Setup the Login Details of Trendnet TEW-731BR Router

Under the Router Settings window, look for the ‘Wireless Settings’ section. Be careful of the router’s settings that you are trying to change. 

Inside the ‘Wireless Settings’ window, there are several tabs like System Settings, Firewall, Wireless Settings, Status, etc. Here, you will see several options like Bandwidth, IP address, Transmission Rate, etc that you can change if you want. 

You also need to change the default password and username of the device so that it becomes hard for third-party users to guess. Here are some tips that you require to keep in mind while changing the login credentials. 

Important Tips: 

  • The passcode must need to be a combination of numeric, alphabets, and special characters. 
  • It should be 8-16 characters long. Try to make the password complex, but easy to memorize. 
  • The username must need to be simple and user-friendly. 
  • Both the password and username must need to be noted somewhere. 

Step 4: Change the Network Name of the Trendnet TEW-731BR Router

The Service Set Identifier or SSID is the name of the network that is visible when you go to the Network tab of the system tray. Usually, SSID is the name of the manufacturer. 

But, if you don’t change the SSID, then it will be easy for someone to predict the password and username of the router. Hence, it is essential to change the login credentials of the device. As an example, the default network name of a Trendnet router is “Trendnet856.” 

Important Tips: 

You need to have a look at the below points before going to change the network name of the router: 

  • Try to make the Service Set Identifier simple and short. 
  • As there is a chance of backfire, try to make the password fancy. 
  • Don’t use any private data to set the network name of the router. 

Example: Kotrfg_WiFi, Numerit#5, Charlie#56

Step 5: Secure the Settings of the Router

Now, you have logged into the router successfully. So, make sure that the router’s setting is secure. To do that, navigate to the Wireless Settings tab. Afterward, go to the Encryption Settings and then select the ‘WPA2-PSK’ option. It is the most appropriate encryption standard of the router. It will make sure that the device is operating in its extreme security level. 

Problems and their Solution: FAQs

  • Does  Trendnet TEW-731BR Router Support 5 GHz? 

No, this device doesn’t support 5 GHz. It only supports 2.4 GHz. 

  • How to Log into the Trendnet TEW-731BR Router? 

To log into the device, you can type the IP address in the address bar of a browser and then provide the login credentials of the router. 

  • How to Perform a Reset of the Trendnet TEW-731BR Router? 

To perform a reset of the router, first, press the Reset button using a pin or paper clip and hold it for a minimum of 12-16 seconds. Once you are done, you will be able to type the password and username of the router.