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Learn How To Login To Belkin Router Through Simple Steps

Belkin is one of the trusted and well-known brands in the router market. In the past, Belkin has proven its capability by providing amazing routers to the consumers. If you are a new Wifi user, then it is quite understandable that you are getting issues during the Belkin wireless router login. People often try to enter the Belkin router login page without the proper guide or they incorrectly configure the router setting page which creates the Belkin login router issue. That’s why we are here today to guide you on how to login to Belkin router with the proper configuration. So, without wasting any more time lets take a glance at the effective login methods.

Step by Step Guide to Login to Belkin Router with Proper Setting

The process of setting up a proper wireless connection for Belkin routers are long-drawn but not complicated. If you follow the below guide carefully, then you can complete the whole procedure without any further problem.

Step 1: Note down few Information Before Setup

Note down few Information Before SetupBefore starting the actual process of setting up the router configuration the first thing you have to do is gather the information related to your router name and its password. If this is the first time you are login to the Setting page of your router, then you have to use its default Username and password. Look at the back of the router to get the default password otherwise, you can take the help of the user manual. Next, you have to know the default IP address of the router. In general, the IP address of all Belkin router is But, if does work for you, then you can check your router’s IP address by following the below guide:

  • At first, you have to open your computer and connect it with the router.
  • Now, open Command Prompt and type ‘ipconfig’ in the command section and hit the Enter button.
  • Once you hit the Enter button you will see a few details in the black window. Look for the label which says ‘Default Gateway’ and copy the information besides it. Here, Default Gateway is your Belkin router and the information beside it is the IP address of your router.

Step 2: Enter the Router Setting Page

Enter the Router Setting PageNow, after gathering the information, disconnect your Internet modem and Belkin from their power sources and connect the modem to your Belkin router using an Ethernet cable. One side of the Ethernet cable must be plugged into an open Ethernet port of the modem, and connect the other port on your Belkin router’s WAN / Internet port. Once the connection between the modem and router is made, plug in the Belkin router and your internet modem to their power supply. Now, use another Ethernet cable to connect your computer with the router for better communication during the setup. Next, launch any browser from the computer and paste the default router IP address  “” in the search bar. After you hit the Enter button a login window will pop up. Now, provide the default router-ID and password to enter the Belkin router login page. You can also use the installation CD that comes along with the router to directly prompt into the Router Setting page without the default IP address.

Step 3: WAN Connection

WAN ConnectionOnce you have entered the setting page of the router you have to first select the Internet WAN from under the Connection Type section. Remember to choose the exact connection type which you are getting from the Internet Service Provider. After selecting the proper network type ( for example- Static) press the Next button. Now, enter the IP addresses provided to you by your ISP and then click the ‘Apply the Changes’ button. After a few seconds, if everything goes right, your router will change its Internet Setup status to Connected.

Step 4: Configuring DNS

Configuring DNSThe next part of the how to login to Belkin router is to configure the DNS setting. In this section, the first thing you have to do is untick the Automatic from ISP option of the WAN page. Next enter the DNS IP Addresses, as provided to you by your service provider and press the apply button.

Step 5: Configuring the Wireless Settings and Security Settings

Configuring the Wireless Settings and Security SettingsNow, select the Channel and SSID option (you will find it under the Wireless section). Next, provide a name in the SSID box, which will be the name of your router. After that, Enable the protection. In this section, you will be able to set ESSISD Broadcast, Wireless Mode, Wireless Channel, Extend range, Protected Mode and Turbo mode of your wireless connection.

Once the above changes are made, you have to select the Security tab from the Wireless section. At this stage of your wireless router setting, you will get 4 protocols option to choose from to configure your security. These options are WPA/WPA2, WP2 Only, WEP and Disable. We highly recommend WPA2 security type for your router because it is the most secure encrypted key available in the market. But, if your computer is old, then we will recommend choosing either the WPA or WEP option because not all old device supports WPA2 connection. After that, you have to provide a password to secure your router setting page.

Wireless > Use as Access Point: You can activate this option if you want to use this router as an access point. Picking the internet from your server on the LAN. Basically, with this option, you can use it to have both a wired and wireless LAN.

Step 6: Configure LAN Settings

Configure LAN SettingsIn this section, you will get the option to change the LAN IP manually and set a different IP than the Default one. We will recommend changing the following setting in this section for a better result,

  • Enable DHCP with ONLY the required IP Addresses. For example, if you have like 5 people in your home, then allow at least 7 IP Addresses to be given out.
  • Also, use the right Domain name “Local Domain Name”.

Step 7: Router Password

Router PasswordThis feature is very important for the router configuration. This security setting will act as the first line of defense for your wireless connection. Always set a password onto your wireless router to avoid security issues. The default password is not secure because anyone can know your default password from the back of your router. So, enter a password that is strong enough, you can easily remember and yet not easily get hacked. Then, click Apply.

Now, you can simply exit the settings page and disconnect the cable connection between your computer and router. After completing the setting of your router, it will reboot and once the rebooting is complete, you can simply use the new password and username to login into your Belkin router from any device without a problem.

Wrapping Up

Hope, after following our guide you will be able to solve your query regarding how to login to Belkin router. We try to make the process as simple as possible for better output. By going through the above steps, you can easily enter the Belkin router login page from any device. But, if you are still facing some problems after following our method, then we will highly recommend referring the user manually along with this guide.