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How to Login Netgear C3700-100NAS: with Easy Steps

Netgear is an international computer networking company. If it is the speed of the internet and the area covered comes into question, then Netgear C3700 modem/router is the best choice.  You always need a router to avoid paying money to your cable network provider as a monthly rental fee. If you are a Netgear C3700-100NAS user and you don’t know the procedure “how to login Netgear C3700-100NAS”? Then, you can follow our article. Through this guide, you will be going through the instruction to log in with your Netgear router.

Procedure to Login Netgear C3700-100NAS Router

To know the procedure of logging in with your Netgear C3700-100NAS router let’s keep your eyes on our article.

To login with your Netgear C3700-100NAS router at first:

Step # 1 Open the Web Browser

At first, you need to open the web browser. After, opening the web browser, go to the official site of the Netgear C3700-100NAS modem router, then you have to proceed with it.

Step # 2 Log in with the Default Username

After, completing the above-mentioned procedure log in with the default username = admin and password = password or you can update the username and password. Then, move on to the next step.

Step # 3 Choose your Wireless

At the next step, click on Wireless which is located on the Basic tab. Go to the section Basic tab which you can find on the left panel of your device screen.

Step # 4 Select the Wireless Network

After, selecting the Wireless Scroll down to the Wireless Network section. Which is located on the right side of the computer screen.

Step #5 Change the Channel

Check out your channel if the accessing channel is set to Auto mode then, change it to 153. Now, click to Apply. Now, you will be able to use your Netgear C3700-100NAS modem router.

Troubleshoot the Login Problems with Netgear C3700-100NAS

Sometimes you may face a few problems while login with your Netgear C3700-100NAS. If you are in trouble to log in with your Netgear C3700-100NAS, then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss the hassle-free solutions with your Netgear C3700-100NAS log in.

Solution #1

You can use your router IP address to log in with your router instead of routerlogin.com or routerlogin.net addresses. It will help you to log in easily with your Netgear C3700-100NAS. If the IP addresses did not work out then, you can find the router’s IP address with the help of your smartphone, computer or with any tablet you can use it without using the Command Prompt.

Solution #2

If you are still failing to enter the router login page then, you can try this method to access it. The problem might happen due to the Ethernet connection with full of bugs. A bugged Ethernet connection to the router may resolve the problem. Some other wireless connections such as 2.4GHz network vs 5GHz network may access with another system as in you may use any smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop. But, before accessing it you have to be sure that, you are using the Netgear modem internet connection. You can access it with the using of Netgear router official login website. A buggy Ethernet connection is of the greatest action to secure the router which you are obtaining.

Solution # 3

If you are accessing several networks at the same time, as in a bugged or wired network and wireless, VPN, or a corporate connection. Sometimes, the Netgear modem login page might not work out. If this happens, then you need to disconnect all the internet connection and the VPN connections. After that, connect the NETGEAR router.

Solution #4

You can temporarily disable the pop-up blockers, firewalls, and ad blocking software. Thus, you can find if any of these are the reason for the accessing problems. It will help you to login the router username and password to appear.

Solution #5

You can use the power cycle system of your router, modem, and some other connected devices such as desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, etc. Here is the procedure to do it.
First, you have to turn off your power button of the Netgear router and also the turn off the modem’s wire. just for a few seconds before resetting your network.

Solution #6

If you failed to do all of the above-mentioned solutions then, you should run the factory reset of your router.

After, completing the Factory Reset procedure you can personalize any of the router settings and configurations which are earlier modified from the default are lost. You can also use the user name, password, the network name or SSID, and security settings to access it.

Solution #7

Here is an alternative solution that, you can try to resolve the issue. After, completing the factory resetting procedure to your router, you should log in into your router by applying the step written below:

  • After, logged in to your router click on the Advanced option
  • You have to secure the router IP Address is or that, you can find under the Router Information

Solution #8

To protect your router from more login problems, you have to secure your firmware by updating it. Here is the procedure to update your router.

  • To update your router at first, click on the Advanced option
  • Then, click to Router Update and check your update
  • After, finding a new firmware select the Yes option to update your firmware.

So, this was all about “how to login Netgear C3700-100NAS?” Hope our article has answered has satisfied you.