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How To Login Into Uverse Router- Complete Guidelines

AT and U-verse is a brand name which is famous as Uverse. It has fame for its different products like a variety of cables, router, and networking products. If you decide to use the Uverse router for the first time then, this will be the article which will guide you. Here, you can learn how to login Uverse router process. After studying this article, hopefully, you won’t have to go to others for help to perform all these below explaining processes.

This article is also helpful for those who are stuck with an issue to get login into the Uverse account. Before going to the troubleshooting methods let us check the initial process of using the Uverse router. And that is, how to log into Uverse router.

How To Log Into Uverse Router?

The process to log into the Uverse router is very simple and also user-friendly. So, before starting this process, you need to check some of the basics, which are necessary and are as follows:

  1. a) Make sure that the router is directly connected with a computer device via the ethernet cable. And it is better to use the genuine cable to do this, which is certified by the Uverse.
  2. b) Check that, you have turned on the Uverse router power source.

After confirming all these basics, now, you need to search the IP address of your router. So, let’s take a look at how to login into Uverse router. You can find the IP address on a sticker, which is attached to the router’s body. And if not, then, you need to search it manually. And the process to find the router’s IP address is as explained in this below section.

Manual Process To Get Your Router’s IP Address

If you are not getting the router’s IP address from the stickers which are attached to the router’s body. Then, go for this process, to learn how to discover the IP address of your router manually.

At first, open the Run Command bar. To do this, press the Windows button and while holding it press the letter R. Now, you will visit that the Windows Run box gets open at the left-hand side below-corner of the screen.

Use the Backspace key if, any command was already present on it. Then, at this blank space of the Run command bar type cmd and hit on the Enter button. Now, you will visit a black screen window get pop-ups on your desktop screen with a blinking cursor on it. This black screen window is termed as the Command Prompt window.

Further, type “ipconfig” on this Command Prompt window and tap on the Enter button. On doing this, you will find that this process requires some of the messages visible on the Command Prompt window. Among the messages, search for the Default Gateway section, the number beside to it is your router’s IP address. You can take it down in a paper for further use in how to log into the Uverse router process. is an example of Uverse router IP, but it may differ in your case. So, better not to assume and try this above process to get your Uverse router IP address.

Open The Uverse Router Login Page

After knowing your router’s IP address by following this above procedure now, you can proceed to these below instructions.

To begin with, at first, open a browser from your device. And then, at the address bar of the browser type your router’s IP address, which you get by following this above process. After that, hit on the Enter button, this will navigate you to the router’s login page.

Type The Proper Username And Password

Now, on this Uverse router login page, you will get the information providing sections. Enter the username and password, which you have set for your router if any. Otherwise, use the default details on the sections. And hit on the “Log in” button. That’s all, to get into the Uverse account.

Now, it is better to change the login details, to make your internet connection secure. And the process for doing this is as explained in this below section.

Method To Change The Uverse Router Login Details

After getting into the Uverse account by applying this above process, now you can be able to go for this process. And that is to change the Uverse router login details.

At first, go to the upper panel of your Uverse account and click on the Settings tab. Next, from this upper opening menu tab click on LAN and then on Wi-Fi. After that, Under the User Network section, you will get different details, which are associated with your Uverse router. Then, from this User Network section, you will be able to change the login details of your Uverse router.

After, you are done with the Uverse router login details changing process. Now, you need to use these changing details only to access the Uverse router account further.

Many of the users struggle to know how to log into Uverse router process after completing the details changing task. And that is also due to an unknown error. If you are the one who is struggling from this issue. Then, don’t be afraid, you can be able to resolve it on your own only by following this below explaining troubleshooting step.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. In some cases, it is seen that a loose wire connection resists performing the how to log into the Uverse router process. If this is the case, then you need to keep the wire connection in a safety zone, so, that no external disturbance can take place.
  2. Reset Your Router

Reset Uverse Router

Many of the issues of the Uverse router can be solved by using the Uverse router resetting process. If this process is unfamiliar to you then, you can learn this, from these below steps. This is also a very useful process if you get stuck with a problem after changing your router’s password.

At first, make sure that the router is connected to a power source and the switch is active. After that, locate the Reset button of your router, which is generally placed at the back side of the router’s body. But, the location of the Reset button totally depends upon the model you are using. After that, arrange a thin and strong pin, which can be able to get inserted into the Reset button slot. It can be a paper-clip for example.

Now, press and hold the Reset button for 30-40 seconds, this time period differs for different router’s model. Only you need to check that the power light starts blinking then, release it. And wait, until all the light comes into a stable condition. Then, reboot your router device to complete the resetting process.

Hopefully, now, you will be able to know how to log into Uverse router process without any issue.