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Things You Should About How To Login Fairpoint

Fairpoint is telephone communication company which provides internet services across 17 countries in the United States of America. Also, it provides services for ‘webmails’. Furthermore, the routers of Fairpoint are extremely efficient and cost effective. If you are going to buy a Fairpoint router, then you should know how to set up or create an account and to login. After creating the account in the Firepoint you might face some problem while you are logging in to the Fairpoint. Hence we will discuss the procedure to troubleshoot the issues you might face while logging to the Fairpoint. Thus, in this topic, we are going to discuss “how to login Fairpoint?”

Steps to Create An Account in Fairpoint

To create an account in the Fairpoint go through the steps:

  1. Open a browser and then, open the official website for Fairpoint and then, select the option ‘Settings’.
  2. Now, on the ‘Settings’ select ‘Mail’, ‘contacts’ and ‘calendars’.
  3. Then select the option ‘Add Account; to add an account to the Fairpoint.
  4. After that select ‘Other And then, select the option ‘Add Mail Account’.
  5. Now, provide the ‘Username’, ‘password’ and ‘Description’.
  6. After that, select the option ‘Save’ to save the data which you have provided.
  7. Next, select tab ‘POP’.
  8. Then, in the ‘Incoming Mail server’ put the ‘Host Name’ as ‘pop3.fairpoint.net’ and the ‘User Name’ as the email id of the Fairpoint.
  9. Next, provide the ‘Password’ as given before.
  10. Now, in ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ provide the ‘Host Name’ as ‘smtpath.fairpoint.net’ and the ‘User Name’ and the ‘Passowrd’ as given for the Fairpoint account.
  11. Then, a window will appear displaying ‘Cannot Connect Using SSL Do you want to try setting up the account without?’, now over there select the option ‘Yes’.
  12. As soon as you do that, it will display ‘Verifying’.
  13. Then, again a window will appear displaying ‘Cannot Connect Using SSL Do you want to try setting up the account without?’, now over there select the option ‘Yes’.
  14. Now, select the option ‘Advances’ and then turn the ‘SSL’ off.
  15. At last, check whether the ‘server port’ is set to ‘110’.

Thus, in this way you can setup create an account in the Fairpoint.
Before logging in to the Fairpoint router, you have to know the default login IP address of the Fairpoint router.

Steps to find the Default IP Address of Fairpoint Router

In Windows

If you are an older version of Windows on your computers like Windows 7 or Windows 8 then follow the steps:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key and the letter ‘R’ together from the keyboard.
  2. Then type ‘cmd’ in the search panel of the ‘Run’ to open the ‘Command Prompt’.
  3. Next, on the ‘Command Prompt’ type the command ‘ipconfig’ and then press ‘enter’ from the keyboard.
  4. Now, you will see a bunch of addresses.
  5. Look at the last line, where you will get the default address.
  6. Then copy the default IP address to a piece of paper, which you will need it at the time of login.

If you are using Windows 10 then go through the steps:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key from the keyboard.
  2. Then, choose ‘Control Panel’ from the left column.
  3. Next, choose the ‘Network and Security’.
  4. Then, select ‘View Network status and tasks’.
  5. Next, select ‘Internet connection’ from the right-hand top corner.
  6. Then, select the option ‘ethernet status’ from the ‘Details’.
  7. Now, you get the default IP address of the router on the ‘Network connection details’. Windows.

For iOS

If you are using an Apple computer in your hose then go through the steps to find the IP address:

  1. Select the option ‘Network from the home screen.
  2. Then, select the type of the network you are using on the computer.
  3. Now, from the list of options select Advanced’.
  4. Next, select the IP address and note it down.

How To Login Fairpoint? The Easiest Way

Since you have created the account in the Fairpoint you can log in to it. Thus go through the steps to Fairpoint login:

  1. Open the browse at first.
  2. Then, on the address bar of the router type the IP address which you have found previously i.e.; ‘’ and then press the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard.
  3. Now, select ‘Login ‘ on the right-hand top corner of the Fairpoint router page.
  4. Then, provide the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ to log in to it.

Thus, in this way you can log in to the Fairpoint login page.

Troubleshooting the Fairpoint Login

Sometimes, while you are logging into the Fairpoint router you might face some problems. The problems which you might face while you are logging to the Fairpoint routers are:

  1. ‘Password id not matching’.
  2. ‘Username not identified’.

Thus, in this case, to resolve the issue you need to reset the router. Therefore go through the steps to reset the Fairpoint router:

  1. Look at the back of the router, you will find a reset key.
  2. Now, press and hold the router for some time to reset it.
  3. After resetting the router, restart it to resolve the issue.

After resetting the router, go through the steps a mentioned above and create an account and log in to the router again.

Thus, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can create an account in the  Fairpoint router, log in to it and then, reset it if needed

Eventually, this will help you to meet all the queries related to the Fairpoint router. Still, if you have any other queries related to the Fairpoint, then you can place your queries in the comments section.