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Facing Issues to Login Earthlink!! Know How to Login Earthlink Effectively:

Earthlink deals with data security products and services to the consumers accross the United States. It offers internet access, email, website hosting, and privacy. We can say that Earthlink is the complete solution for your business. You also get premium email accounts with great customization for your business purpose. But sometimes, you face some issues while you try to login Earthlink. Following are some of the easy steps which will answer your query “how to login earthlink?”

How to Login Earthlink? The Steps

Go through these steps if logging in your Earthlink router seems confusing or your attempts at it have taken you nowhere:

Using the Dial-Up Connection:

If earlier you were connected to the internet and didn’t make any changes, the dial-up connection tries to reconnect automatically as per your system configuration. If you try it quite for sometime and after that, you face the same issue you should follow the below steps.

Check the Network Outage Page-

To check your network outage you need to visit our Network Outages page to see if you identify any problem which is known to you.

Check Your Local Access number-

In case you typed your local access number wrong or if you are in a different location. You will get to see an option like Find a local access number. Then, you need to put your mobile number in order to get the local access number.

Check Your Setup-

There is a possibility that you have overlooked some configuration setting. So you need to confirm that you have set up your dial-up connection properly. Every operating system has own built-in method to get the internet connection. You can connect to the Earthlink without Downloading the Earthlink software.

Create a Dial-Up Connection on your Windows Operating System-

  • You need to click on the Start option. Then go to the Computer Panel and open that.
  • Network and internet option will be highlighted. After that, you will find the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Hit on Set up a new connection or network option.
  • Connect to the Internet will get highlighted.
  • After that click on Dail-Up option
  • You should enter the Earthlink Dail-up phone number which is provided by Earthlink for the Dail-up connection. You finding a Dail-up phone number field where you can type the phone number.
  • Put the Earthlink email address as your user name and also put your password in order to log in. If you want the software to remember the password. You will get to see an option like Remember this password option. Select that checkbox.so when you try to connect next time you don’t need to put that detail again. But if you don’t want the software to save the password you can escape this option.
  • You can also select a new Dail-up connection name. Put a smaller and simpler name which you can easily recognize.
  • If you have more than one user you can select the checkbox Allow other people to use this connection.
  • Earthlink network tries to get connected through the dial-up connection. You should have a dial-up modem installed in your computer operating system.
  • The connection to the internet is ready to use this information will be shown on your screen.
  • Now, close the Window. And you get to connect to the dial-up connection.

Check Your Phoneline-

This might be a problem if you are using the Dail-up connection. You can either browse or use the phone. So, if you are using the internet you won’t be able to use the phone, and if you are using a phone you won’t be able to browse the internet.

Check All Cords and Cables-

You should check all the required cords and cables are properly connected or not. Sometimes you might face the login issue due to this. Check if all your phone line properly plugged into your computer.

Driver Update and Firmware-

The drivers and the firmware should be up to date on ypur computer and modem.

Check the Hardware Problem-

If don’t get to see that your modem is not light up or the light is not blinking at all, there might be a power issue with your modem. You should check your modem with another power socket. If still, you face the same issue you need to replace the modem.

Reboot Your System-

You should reboot your system and after that connect your Earthlink.

Using Digital Subscriber line:

If you are using DSl you need to follow the belo steps. And these are;

Turn off your modem and wireless router for few seconds-

You should turn off your modem and the router completely and then you need to connect that again. Sometimes this reconnection will help you to connect the Earthlink.

Wait for a few minutes-

If you have not changed anything in the setting panel, you should wait for little more time and the Earthlink will get connected.

Check your Cord And Cables-

You should check all the required cords and cables are properly connected or not. Sometimes you might face the login issue due to this. Check if all your phone line properly plugged into your computer.

Check DSL filters-

You should make sure that the DLS filter is installed on every phone jack where it’s required. So you should filter the device and reboot your system.

Check a Dail Tone-

You should unplug the modem and the phone into the wall jack in order to see if you are able to receive a dial tone. You can get in touch with your local phone company or connect with the working phone jack to receive a dial tone. If you are getting the dial tone that means your phone is working fine.

Using Cable Connection:

  • You should make sure that the coaxial cable is plugged in the wall outlet and also into the modem. If there is lose connection you might face issue while login Earthlink.
  • Cable modem needs to unplug from the power source.
  • You should leave the modem unplugged for at least two minutes.
  • Reboot your system and plug the cable modem directly into the wall outlet.
  • You need to wait for sometime. Let the modem to regain the operation.
  • If you get to see the light of the modem get blink you should go through the different website to check if are successfully connected or not.

Thus to conclude, this post is for all the computer and router users and the ones badly stuck with it. Hope this article will help you to get rid of the issue. If you have any doubt you can let us know by your comment. You can post your comments in our comment box.