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How To Login To Comcast Router: Complete Guidelines Now Made Easy

Comcast is a reputed brand among electronic manufacturers in the present market. Comcast router is a product which is used by many internet users. However, if you are looking for suitable solutions regarding how to login to Comcast router then, this article will guide you in an appropriate way. The process is very simple and quite faster.

To use the Comcast router, log in to the account is the initial step to begin with. By getting into the Comcast account, you can secure your Wifi connection from the hackers. Not only that, but you can also do the necessary task of updating the firmware of your Comcast router, when available. By doing this, you will get a better experience of using the internet connection. So, let us now check the process.

How To Login To Comcast Router? Let’s Get Started

To log in to the Comcast router account, some basics which you need to be ready, are as follows.

  • A workable internet connection.
  • Router’s IP Address.

By arranging all these requirements you can proceed with this process as explained below. If you are not able to find your router’s IP address then, at first, go to the below section of this article to get it. After getting the IP address now continue with this below instructions.

Step 1: Connect With An Internet

At first, turn on your system and connect with a different internet connection, if you are a beginner. Next, open a browser and check if the internet works well. Because a high-speed is recommended to perform this process. As well as if you are using an updated version of a browser then this process will end faster.

Step 2: Navigate To The Comcast Router Login Page

Now, at the address bar of the browser place “”, without quotations. After that, hit on the Enter button to navigate to the login page of the Comcast router. If this creates a disturbance in loading the login page, then it may be that the  IP address of your router is different. So, as explained earlier, you need to keep the IP address of the router handy. You can get the IP address of your router, from the guidebook which comes along with it. Otherwise, check the process of how to get the Comcast router IP, as explained in the below section of this article.

After placing the router’s IP on the browser address bar and hitting on the Enter button, you will see that the Comcast router login page will open.

Step 3: Fill Up The Account Details

Further, at the username and password area fill up the details. In case of the Comcast router, the default “username” and “password” are “admin” and “password” respectively. After entering these details, click on Login. Now, you can change the password to keep the Comcast WiFi router connection secure.

You can escape this below task if you are OK with the default username and password. But remember, there might be a security concern. So, it is better to set a different password to keep your connection secure.

Methods To Change The Password Of The Comcast Router

To change the password of the Comcast router you need to login to your account at first. The procedure for doing this is already explained. Now, proceed with these further steps to change the password of the Comcast router.

As you perform Comcast router login, then at the bottom of this account window, you will find an “Internet” box, click on it, to open the menu list. Now, from this Internet menu list, click on “Change WiFi settings”

After that, under this Change WiFi settings window, fill up the sections of the username and password according to your choice. But remember that the username must be the same because it is an encrypted service from the server. After changing the password with your choice, hit on the “Save it” box to confirm. On doing this, a pop-up window will open which states “Your gateway is being Updated”. This process will take about two minutes to gets completed. Now, you are ready to use the Comcast router with your chosen password. This is the total procedure of how to login to Comcast router to change its password.

If you are facing any trouble to get into your Comcast router account with your choice laptop, due to a certain problem, then, you can revert back the password to the default. In order to perform this, reset the Comcast router. The process for doing this is as explained below.

Method To Reset Comcast Router Instantly

If you are facing any password related issues which troubles you regarding how to login to Comcast router, then, go for this below steps to reset the Comcast router.

At the back section of the router, you will find a tiny hole with a Reset note near to it. Use a thin paper clip which you can insert on this tiny hole. By using the paper clip like thin substance, press the button which is present inside this tiny hole which is the Reset button of the router. Hold the Reset button at least for 15 seconds and then release it.

On performing the above process you will find that the resetting process gets started and all of its light starts blinking. Now, wait until blinking stops and everything gets stable. After that, use the above process of how to login to Comcast router to get logged into your Comcast account.

Get The Comcast Router IP Address

If you are searching for the IP address of your router then the process for this are explained below.

First of all, press the Windows key along with the letter R to open the Run command box. Next by utilizing the Backspace key clear the command if anything is present. Otherwise, continue to type cmd on the Run bar and hit on the Enter key. On doing this, the Command Prompt window will open. Then on this Command Prompt window type ipconfig and hit on the Enter button to execute. As this command gets executed on the Command Prompt window you will find a section as Default Gateway on it. The number which is beside to the Default Gateway section is the IP address of your Comcast router.

Hope, by studying this article, you are completely ready to begin the process to login to Comcast router.