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How To Login CenturyLink Router: An Effective Guide

CenturyLink has been one of the profound companies that is much popular for manufacturing routers.  Beside this, it also develops modems, adapters that are in high demand for unique features and are durable. The routers are available at an affordable price and looks much different from other featured brands. As you already know, a router allows connecting network altogether and maintain the broadcast traffic under control. However, according to many users, it is quite confusing to log in to the CenturyLink router. So, in this article, we are going to guide you with the easiest ways on how to login CenturyLink Router.

End your worries as in the article there are some proven steps that will definitely resolve the issue at the earliest. So, we recommend you to follow the guide and try your hands on.

Easy Steps For Centurylink Router Login

In order to have a correct login, one must know the exact procedures. So without wasting much time, let us proceed with the solutions regarding how to login CenturyLink Router. Further, this article will not only allow you to access the Internet but also will also solve login related issues.

Fix #1: Find CenturyLink Wifi Network Name And Password

One of the first and most steps is to connect the devices to Wifi with network name and password. If you can not find the Wifi, then locating the Wifi network name and password would serve the purpose. In order to perform the same, follow the instructions below:

At first, check the sticker on the side at the bottom of the router. Now open the WiFi installation guide and simply follow it. You will find that your installation professional have written both the password and the username. There are some special routers where one can locate the network name and password in the Internet Settings.

Now sign in to the ‘CenturyLink.net.’ Select the Menu and then choose Manage Account from the top left corner. Now select the Internet option directly. Select, ‘View Device Information’ by determining the router. You’ll see the network name and password for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. If this process does not resolve the problem then move on to the next method. It will definitely help you regarding Centurylink router login.

Fix #2: Changing CenturyLink WiFi Network Name and Password

Changing the CenturyLink WiFi network totally depends upon the model WiFi router. Choose your router from the options and view your device’s user manual for the instructions. In order to perform CenturyLink login, here are some of the essential steps for two different routers. So you need to perform the steps carefully.

CenturyLink Wired Routers

If you are working on a wired router then ensure you are having an ethernet cable through which your computer is connected to the router. Now, open the web browser on the computer. In the search bar, you can either type routerlogin.com or the routerlogin.net and then press Enter.

According to the router model, you have to use the default username and password on the new login window that will open. However, the default username is admin and the password is password. If still there is any problem while logging in, then you may follow the user guide to log in correctly.

CenturyLink Wireless Routers

  1. At first, press both R and the Windows key in order to launch the Run application. Type ‘cmd’ in the run box and press the Enter button. You will find that the Command Prompt will open.
  2. Now you need to type ‘ipconfig /all’ and then press Enter. Here, locate the Default Gateway where you’ll find the IP address like It might vary according to different router models.
  3. Now enter the Default Gateway number by launching the web browser. In the search bar of the browser press Enter. If the IP address is right, then you will get a new login page on the browser. Now in the login window, type the default username and password and move on.
  4. As mentioned above by default, the username is “admin” and the password is “password.” However, it might vary according to different models of router. You can also set up your router either by following the user manual or else from the sticker on the router.

Fix #3: Change The DNS Server Address

One can set the DNS server address to something else which is more reliable and preferable. While changing this address, it may resolve your DNS error. So for performing this, you need to follow specific steps. Now right click on Properties and open the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and again click the Properties option. After changing the settings, restart your device and find whether it has solved the issue.

Concluding Remarks

So this is the exact way by which you easily log in to CenturyLink routers and make it function properly. Thus, with the above procedures, you can easily log in to your router without any further complication.
These are the few steps that are quite effective in resolving the issue of how to login CenturyLink Router. You can quickly eradicate the problem, even if you are not an expert. It is better not to go for any method where you have a doubt. If the information was helpful then share your valuable feedback.