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How To Login Box – Know Some Simple Steps

Box is a service for managing data or content of users and other companies in the cloud server. This service also hosts files or in other words is a file sharing service. You can get an application software for this service within Windows Operating System, Mac OS and even for the mobile devices. There are three plans available with this Box service which are as follows – ‘Individual, Bussiness, and Platform Plans’; You can choose any one plan that suits your needs.

There is a free sub-plan within the Individual plan, using which you can Sign Up to Box service initaily. If you want more storage then buy any sub-plan that you wish. All these plans have unique features of its own specially storage wise. Despite having so many storage options within this service. Then also some users can face an issue while logging in to the Box service. Thus, you will have to know the process of how to login Box.

Solutions To Box Login

In this section, you will get the several solutions on How to login Box.

Easiest Way To Log Into The Box Account

In the following, you will get the steps to normally login into Box account either through the official website or client.

  • Type in your email ID into the ‘Email Address’ text area and then in the ‘Password’ field enter the password.
  • After entering the login credentials, tap on the ‘SIGN IN’ button.
  • If you forgot the password of the Box account, then follow the steps below:
    • First, tap on the link ‘Reset Password’ on the ‘Sign In To Your Account’ dialog box. Then, type the email address with which you open this account.
    • Now, go to your email account and see an email with the link to reset the password.
    • In order to set your password again, you will have to tap on that link. Then, you will be redirected to the Box account page. Here, you will get the fields to input a new password and set it.
  • After you have set your password for the Box account, then try to log in to the account.

Use Google Credentials To Log Into Box Account

To login into the Box account, you can also use the information of the Google account like its username and password. This process is done via the authorization of Google Open ID.

  • First, in your web browser, launch the official Box login page.
  • Next, in the ‘Sign In To Your Account’ section, hit the button ‘Sign in with Google’.
  • Now, as you normally log in to your Google account, do the same thing. After that, you can able to get into your Box account.
  • In order to log in to your Box account via the Google account, both the email address will have to match otherwise you cannot able to use this facility.

How To Login Box Account Via Single Sign In Or SSO

This feature allows you to login to the Box account using the same password that you use to login to your company’s network.

  • First, visit the official Box website, then in the log in page tap on the link ‘Sign in with SSO’.
  • In the SSO sign in page, type in the email address that you use to log into the network of your company.
  • After that, hit on the button ‘Sign In’. Next, you will get into the login page of your company’s network log in page.
  • Now, In order to log in to the network of your company, simply follow the steps that are given by the SSO provider.

Use Two Step Verification To Login To The Box Account

A two step verification is a process that adds an extra layer of security for protection of your Box account. In this process when you first enter the password of your account. Then next after few seconds you will get a code number on your phone as a text message or voicemail. This code will then be entered to your account in order to open it. Follow the steps below to login to your Box account using two-step verification:

  • As usual type in your email ID and the password first. If you have activated the option of two step verification, then you will be taken to that page.
  • Now, type the code that you have received in your phone and then tap on the button ‘Submit’.
  • At last, you will get to see the home page of the Box account.

To know the easy procedures on how to login Box, just follow the simple steps in the previous section.