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How To Install Windows Movie Maker On Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker is a popularly used video editing software which is introduced by Microsoft. This software was first introduced in 2000. Later, it comes along with two versions.

Windows Movie Maker is the default application of both of the versions. Also, they included new features. For example, a new transition that also supports Xbox 360 playback, DVR- MS file format. Other than that, You also have plenty of options; try downloading an online video editor/Video maker to ease the work.

Looking for how to download and install this Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 device? This guide may work as a savior to you. 

Versions of Windows Movie Maker:

In 2009, Microsoft changed the name of Windows Movie Maker and the new name is Windows Live Movie Maker 2009. However, you will not get all the previous features in it. It did not support custom XML transitions and many others.

Fortunately, several features are included in the new version. For example, voice recording  newly resigned ribbon toolbar. Now, this editing software has the ability to export the videos directly to the DVDs.

In 2012, Microsoft again renamed the Movie Maker as Windows Movie Maker 2012. This version also included a voice record as well as supports H.264/MP4 default export format.

Now, if you are searching for the ways to download this editor software on your Windows 10 device, then take a look below.

Download and Install Movie Maker on Windows 10: Easy Steps 

You can quickly install the Windows Movie Maker on your Windows 10 device by using the Windows Photo Gallery. Just follow the given below steps and act in accordance with that.

Step 1

At first, you have to download the Windows Live Essentials and start the setup procedure. Next, you have to ensure that, ‘Choose the programs you want to install’ option is selected.

Also, check the dialog box next to the ‘Photo Gallery and Moviemaker’ option. Afterward, tap on the Install option.

Step 2

Wait for a while as the installation procedure may take some time to complete. Once the Windows Photo Gallery has been successfully installed on your device, you don’t need to install the Windows Movie Maker.

Furthermore, double-click on the Windows Photo gallery and start the application. 

Step 3

Now, you can quickly add videos or photos to the current project. Also, if you wish, you can add music from multiple online services.

Apart from that, you may add sound files, audio narration as well as webcam video. Obviously, for that, separate options are present.

Step 4

Another plus point of this application is its transitions. More than 50 different transition effects have been supported by the Windows Movie Maker. 

Besides that, you can set the transition duration if you wish.

Step 5

You can even add visual effects over the transition effect as it supports more than 20 visual effects. If you are a basic user, these effects are sufficient for you. 

You may also use multiple effects together to get interesting results. Another advantage is that you can change the aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3.

You can even set the sound fade in or out. Once you are done with the video editing, you may select your profile between the multiple export profiles. Also, if you want, you can customize your own profile.

Step 6

You can operate the Windows Movie Maker tool without any issue. Like other applications, it does not have advanced features, still, it is considered as one of the easiest tools for video editing.

That’s all you need to know for downloading and installing the Windows Movie Maker Windows 10.