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Learn How To Go Back To Windows 7 With Easy Hacks

Although, most of the users prefer Windows 10 operating system on their PC, some of them don’t like the interface of this recent Windows version and want to go back to the earlier version. That’s why many Windows users are looking easy methods to switch back to the previous version. If you want to know how to go back to Windows 7, then stay on this page till the end.

Windows 10 operating system is a top class software that has several interactive features and tools. If you upgrade to the recent version, you can get maximum advantage from your PC. But some users prefer not to update their OS as they are comfortable working in Windows 7. Another problem is that Windows does not have options so that you can stick with the earlier version that is Windows 7. If you want to switch back to the older version, then it is necessary to know essential steps.

Techniques To Get Back To Older Version From The Recent Version Of Windows

If you are looking to switch back to the previous Windows from the recent version, then this article is for you. The process of getting back to the earlier Windows version from the new one is very critical. You need to be thorough with the process. Otherwise, you cannot get back to the original version. So take the help of the steps given below and resolve the problem.

Backup Your Data First

To prevent system failure or loss of data while downgrading Windows 10, you need to back up your data and files. It is one of most vital steps and we highly recommend you to back up your data. You can back up the data and relevant information in an external hard drive or take the help of the backup software.     

Recovery Option

When you update to Windows 10 manually or automatically, you are downloading the trial version. A separate copy of Windows 7 version will remain on the PC for a month. On the 31st day, Windows 10 will delete the older version to free up space on the hard drive. If you want to revert to windows 7, then go to C drive and find Windows .old and $WINDOWS~BT folders. Before uninstallation, users need to examine the two folders present or not. Thus open the File Explorer and navigate to the C: drive and tap view tab to locate these two folders.

Also, verify the Hidden items option to track the Windows~BT folder.  After getting hold of the necessary files to uninstall Windows, go to desktop and tap the start button and click on Settings. Else tap on Windows+I from the keyboard and enter the Settings application.  Next select Update and Security and tap on Recovery. If you are within the 30 day period after updating Windows 10, then you’ll notice an option to switch back to an earlier version. After that opt for ‘Get Started’ Tab and Windows will ask a few questions to the system users. Before you switch back, Windows will ask to check any recent updates. But if you already made up your mind then select ‘No Thanks’ option.

Now after going back to Windows 7, you might lose some data and apps. All the changes will get erased after downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 7. Also, note that users need to have the earlier password to login in the previous version. If you have the password, then hit Next to start the process. Now choose the Go back to Windows 7 tab and terminate the process.  After coming back to the previous operating system, you need to reinstall all the apps and make necessary changes in settings. If you are not getting the options to switch back to an earlier version, then there can be an issue with your PC. In this situation, users can go back with the help of a backup or perform a clean installation.


Uninstall Windows 10 Using Backup Option


If you haven’t done a proper backup, then it is impossible to go back from Windows 10 to Windows 7. As we already told you that previous backup is always useful at the time of crisis. Therefore if you have the backup of the earlier version then follow this process. Before starting the operation, you need a repair disc to boot the system into the Windows Recovery Environment. If you haven’t created any backup, then use this hack. Select the Start menu and navigate through the program files and choose Control Panel. Next tap on System and Security. Then tap the Backup and Restore option. Next select Create a system repair disc on the left side of the window. After that read the instruction to create a repair disc.

Once the repair disk is complete, connect the backup with your earlier version to your PC. Then reboot the computer with the help of the disc. Click next on the Setup screen. After that select the Repair your computer option and then tap Troubleshoot. Then go to Advanced options and hit System Image Recovery tab. Now login to your system with the help of the user account. Then choose the backup you want to recover and hit Next. After that select the Finish option to complete the task.


Do A clean Installation To Uninstall The Windows 10

If you are unable to find the option to revert to earlier Windows version, then perform a clean installation. To attempt a clean installation on your system, you need to have some vital information. For that, you need to do some specific task to obtain these essential details.

Method 1 (H3)

To do a clean installation, you’ll need installation files. It is effortless to get as Microsoft have the installation files of various Windows version. Users who want to reinstall Windows 7 then they go to Microsoft website to download the ISO file.  After that take assistance from Windows DVD/USB tool to make a bootable media.

Method 2  (H3)

After getting the installation files, users need to configure the Boot order on their computer. For that, you need to ensure your system can boot from a DVD or flash drive. Hence enter the BIOS by hitting any function key continuously. Once you are inside the BIOS change the option to Windows installation media.

Method 3  (H3)
The next task you need to do for clean installation is to find the original product key. You can see the key on license Certificate of Authenticity sticker. Users can find these stickers on the backside of the computer and underneath the laptops. If you have an older machine, then the key can be found in the actual disc or on the recovery disc.

Method 4  (H3)

After doing all the necessary task here comes the final step that is to perform a clean install of Windows. To perform this process restart the system with the help of Windows 7 installation media. After that go to the Setup screen and tap on Next. Then select install now option. Follow the instructions and accept the agreement and select Next.

Now after that tap the Custom: Install Windows Only option. After that remove the system partitions. Then hit next to finish the installation.  When the installation is over, use Windows Update to download recent patches for the Windows 7 operating system.

Wrapping Up

Hence these are some practical ways to revert from Windows 10 to Windows 7. Even though Windows 10  is an excellent operating system with a lot of interactive features. However, it may not be able to capture users attention. Due to compatibility issues users prefer the previous version.