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How To Get Your Suspended Ebay Account Back? [Quick Hacks]

Account Suspension is an annoying issue for online sellers. When it happens, it can affect your business as all the sales will come to a halt. 

Ebay India is a huge marketplace that provides an online presence to small business owners to sell their products online. Furthermore, it helps them to reach millions of customers. It comes along with certain guidelines that you must follow. Failing them can lead to Ebay account suspension. 

However, if your Ebay account is already under suspension then to activate it again you need to follow a few easy hacks. If you are unaware of how to get your suspended Ebay account back, then you can go through the section hereunder carefully. 

Here, we are about to discuss how to deal with Account Suspension so that you can work out the solution to get your Ebay suspended account and business online again. 

Verify the Suspension

Before going to resolve your suspension, you need to verify what actually happened. Sometimes, scammers send emails to the sellers, claiming that the seller’s account has been suspended. From there, the seller is asked to open a link that is sent along with the email. 

If you click on that link, it will redirect you to the website of the scammer and will ask you to provide your private information. Then, they can use that information to hijack your seller account, which may result in a real suspension from Ebay. 

According to Ebay, when your Ebay account is suspended, then you will receive both messages as well as an email on your phone and email account. You will also get a notification on your Ebay account. 

So, before going to take any actions or clicking on any suspicious links, you can go to the official website of Ebay. manage the business that is associated with Ebay directly from your user account. 

Why does your Ebay Account Get Suspended? 

If you determine that the suspension email is valid, you will have to know why the account is suspended. Check the email properly. Usually, Ebay explains why an account has been suspended. 

If you fail to pay fees on time, then you may face this problem. Or, if the payment method you have set is out-of-date like if your credit/debit card expired, then it may fail to pay fees. Violation of the policy that involves intellectual property rights can suspend your Ebay account. 

If you list a product that is not allowed by Ebay, then this can suspend your account. If you are using a photo of a product that isn’t allowed or if it is stolen from another seller, or if it is non-authorized stock photos, then it also might be the reason behind the suspension of your Ebay account. 

Furthermore, if you are trying to sell an offensive material (items including hate speech) or recalled items, then your account also might be suspended. 

Drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or any hazardous materials like explosives or homemade weapons are strictly prohibited in the Ebay platform. Selling such items can suspend your account. 

Sometimes, you don’t know if an item or product is not allowed since it’s quite difficult to be aware of every single rule on Eaby – especially when you are a new seller. 

How to Activate Your Suspended Ebay Seller Account? 

Here are the steps that can help you to get your suspended Ebay account to reactivate it again. So, you can follow the points as follows: 

Method 1: 

When your Ebay account is suspended, first, you need to connect with Ebay India immediately. You should either reply to the suspension notice (if it is valid) that you received in your email. Otherwise, you can get in touch with Ebay from the Contact section of the Ebay website. 

Once you contact them, ask them to re-activate your Ebay account. You also need to make it clear that you want to do everything that it requires to activate the account. 

Method 2: 

Instead of discussing whether the suspension is justified or not or whose fault it was, try to work towards re-activating the account. Most of the time, Ebay accounts are suspended when sellers violent guidelines knowingly or unknowingly. 

It is also necessary to know the reasons why your account is suspended and undo it to the best of your ability. 

Method 3: 

Ebay will ask you to provide more information about your account. Provide all the info that they ask for. Whenever they reactivate your account, they ask for additional documentation or materials beyond the ones you submitted while opening your Ebay account. 

These are the points that Ebay representative looks for while deciding to reactivate your account to give you back your trading rights. So, you need to follow the above points carefully. 

What does Ebay Require from you to Re-activate the Suspended Account? 

To reactivate your Ebay account, the Ebay representative will ask you to perform one of the following points: 

  • Paying your due payments. 
  • Providing active and verifiable contact information. 
  • Delivering the products or items that customers may have not received. 
  • A detailed explanation of why the unsatisfactory conditions occurred. 
  • Convincing the company about how you want to rectify these violations. 
  • Supplying them with the detailed including bank account, driver’s license, and others. 

Prevention Tips to Stop Further Suspension: Knowledge of Policies

The best way to prevent further suspension is to be aware of the Ebay policies. Whether you are a seasonal seller or a new seller to Ebay, it is always necessary to read all the policies of Ebay carefully. 

It will help you to make yourself aware of the rules and regulations set by Ebay India. It is an ever-changing platform, thus rules and regulations change from time to time. So, always try to read all the email updates from Ebay. Don’t forget to check the Ebay messages for updates or announcements.  

Hopefully, all the above points will help you to re-activate your Ebay account. If you want to read more on similar topics, you can follow our website regularly.