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How To Get Rid Of “Congratulations You Won” Virus From iPhone

The “Congratulations You Won” is a pop-up message that comes up when you access a website that is not secure. Along with this message, there can be a virus present within it which can get installed into the device when you tap the ‘OK’ or ‘Close’ button.

This message can come up, on any web browsers of both the computers and the handheld devices and doesn’t seem to go away. They continually pop up on your device. These types of messages are adware which can trick the user to provide personal information and credentials like credit card details.

There are some variations of this popup message like: “Congratulations, You have been selected” or “Congratulations, Google user! You are our winner today!”. Now, in order to know how to get rid of the ‘Congratulations, You Won’ virus on iPhone, read this article completely and apply the steps given in the following section.

Methods to Remove the ‘Congratulations You Won’ Virus from iPhone

In this section of the article, we will discuss the methods that help you to get rid of the ‘Congratulations You Won’ virus from your iPhone.

Close the Safari Browser on your iPhone

Close the Safari Browser on your iPhoneAs soon as you encounter the given message on the Safari browser, the best thing to do is close the browser altogether. The steps on how can you do it is as follows.

  • First, double-click on the ‘Home’ button. This action will open up the app switcher.
  • Once the app switcher comes up, select the Safari application within it.
  • After that, swipe up the application to close it.

Configure the Google Chrome Browser Settings on iPhone

Configure the Google Chrome Browser Settings on iPhoneIf you have the Google Chrome web browser installed on your iPhone, then on this browser, you can get infected with this virus. Now, the best solution is to remove the virus is to reset Chrome to its original settings. In order to do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, unlock the iPhone and then locate and tap on the ‘Chrome’ application.
  • Next, on the new ‘Settings’ page, find and select the ‘Privacy’ option. As soon as you do that, a new page with the title ‘Privacy’ will come up.
  • Inside that page, scroll down to the bottom and then choose the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option. Now, another page having the name ‘Clear Browsing Data’ will appear.
  • Inside that page, select all the options and then click the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ link.
  • Once everything like ‘Cached Images and Files’, ‘Site Data’ and etc. are removed from the device, then restart the device.
  • Finally, when the iPhone starts up once again, check if this virus is still present within the Google Chrome browser or not.

Clearing the Browsing Data From Safari Browser

Clearing the Browsing Data From Safari BrowserHere you will get to know the steps to remove all the browsing data present within the Safari web browser of the iPhone.

  • First, locate and then select the Settings application. This action will open up a new window having the name ‘Settings’.
  • Inside that window, scroll down a little and then tap on the ‘Safari’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, a new page with a name ‘Safari’ will appear. Inside that window, find and choose the ‘Clear History and Website Data’ link.
  • When a confirmation message box appears at the bottom of this page, click on the ‘Clear History and Data’ button.
  • At last, again on the Safari settings page, click on the ‘Advanced’ option. Inside the ‘Advanced’ page locate the ‘JavaScript’ option and then turn it off.
  • Lastly, restart the iPhone and then see if this virus is still present or not.


For removing the Congratulations You Won virus from the iPhone all you have to do is follow the methods given above. You can mention which method helped you remove this malicious code in the comment section below.