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How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail?- An Effortless Procedure

Although texting has become a popular medium of communication when it comes to business-related work. But, email is still the go-to communication means. If you are working in a company, then there will come a time when you need to forward a large number of email at once. Now, if you are using a Gmail account and want to know how to forward multiple emails in Gmail at once, then follow this article. Here, we have provided all the essential tips and tricks to help you on the go.

How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail?

There are many ways by which you can forward multiple emails in Gmail. However, you need to execute them properly in order to get a successful outcome. Now, some essential steps on multi-email forwarding methods are explained below, have a look at them and try to use them as instructed.

  • Use Filter to Forward Multiple Emails at Once

Using filters isn’t ideal for multiple email forwarding task as it will only forwards future arrivals to your new email address. However, it does offer the option to forward existing conversions that have already arrived in your email address. The application may seem a little glitchy and often fails to work. Yet, it is a useful application for basic email forwarding task and it only takes a few minutes for set up. Now, if you want to use this tool, then follow the given steps:

  1. Open Gmail and login into your Gmail account.
  2. Then, select the down arrow which is present on the left side of the Gmail search bar,
  3. A menu will scroll down on your screen. On that menu, select the criteria for the filter. This can be anything like email address, name, subjects, content or any an attachment.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Create Filter’, in order to create a filter with your desired criteria.
  5. After this, a new pop-window will appear on your screen. There you need to click the ‘Forward it’ option and then, add a forwarding address.
  6. Then, check the box next to the ‘Also apply filter to matching conversations’ option and then, hit the ‘Create Filter’ option, once more to complete the process.

Once you do that, all the email gets caught in the filter and will get forwarded to the assigned email address. Now, you just need to wait for “ Sent Message “ pop-up prompt.

  • Forward Multiple Emails Manually

Now, if you want to forward emails to a selected a group of people, then you might want to do it manually. If you want to know how to do it, then follow the given instructions.

  1. First, open your desired email and hit the Forward button.
  2. Now a pop-windows will appear on your screen. There you need to type the email address of the receiver and then, hit the Send button.
  3. After that, move on to the next email and repeat this process.
  • Use Chrome Extension

If you are using your Gmail account on a Chrome, then you can use some extension for email forwarding purpose. To get them, open the Chrome store on your browser and add whichever email forwarding Extension you want. After that, open your Gmail account to use that extension. You will note that the emails are forwarded to the addresses location.

We hope that our article is able to provide you gain enough information on how to forward multiple emails in gmail at once. For more tech-related content, keep following our upcoming posts.