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[Solved] WordPress Featured Image Is Not Showing

WordPress comes with some simple and easy tools to manage images. You can also edit the images. But for beginners, it is difficult to do the features of the image editing.

Sometimes, users often reported that they encounter WordPress featured image is not showing properly issue.

If you encounter this issue then you are lucky enough. Becuase we are going to discuss the problem and through this post, you will able to know how to get rid of this situation.

Causes for WordPress Is Not Showing Featured Images

While trying to change the theme of WordPress, if all of a sudden you found that all the images are broken, then you confront this kind of situation.

When you change the theme but the thumbnail is not changing the size of the theme, then the theme will not go with the homepage.

Now, you need to fix the issue to attract WordPress. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in the following section to fix the problem.

How to Resolve the WordPress Featured Image is Not Showing Up Issue?

If you are encountering WordPress featured image is not showing on the page, then there should be special settings for the theme. You need to check whether the featured image is showing on the page or not. It is not decided by the theme.

Basically, most of the WordPress theme has the featured image settings to push under the theme settings option.

Fix 1: Change the Appearance of the Image

To do that, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

First of all, navigate to the Appearance section. After that, move to the Customize tab under the Appearance section to expand the Theme settings.

Step 2

If the theme supports the featured images, you can easily access the theme from the Customize section under the Appearance section.

In case, the images are turned on for the homepage already from the theme settings, and still, it is not displaying, then you need to disable the option and then turn it on again.

But before that, you should ensure that you have cleared the cache and then, try to reload it again. 

After performing this, you can easily see the featured images showing on the homepage.

Final Words

We have gathered only one solution for WordPress featured image not showing issue. Hope that this will definitely help you to resolve the problem. Most of the users have commented on the section below that they have fixed this issue by applying these steps only.

If you face any problem regarding this, simply post them in the comment section below this post.