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Eliminate Windows Error 0x80070776 With Easy Hacks

Windows is probably the largest Operating Systems that has millions of customers at its disposal. From professionals to homebound people, everyone knows it. In fact, even before Macbook became essential, Windows was present. Despite that, some issues like error 0x80070776 often crop up and upset the users. This primarily appears when you try to upgrade your device to Windows 10. If you have encountered similar troubles and cannot find the way out, read the article and seek quick redressal.

What Are The Symptoms Of Error 0x80070776 In Your Device?

This particular glitch appears when you try to upgrade your device to Windows 10. The machine suddenly hangs or stops working. The keyboard also becomes sluggish or unresponsive. There are other symptoms as well. Let us discuss them one after the other.

  1. The trouble appears when you upgrade your machine from Windows 7 or 8. A message appears on the screen saying that the components of the file are missing.
  2. Similar issues come up when a cumulative update for Windows 10 version is in process.
  3. The message crashes the active window.
  4. Keys become sluggish and in worse cases unresponsive.
  5. Few users have also complained that the apps go missing and troubleshooting page appears.
  6. Windows offers a set of troubleshooting hacks, but most of them are complex and do not wipe out the trouble entirely.

Why Does Windows Update Error Occur In Your Device?

With all the symptoms in mind, let us discuss certain causes that can lead to this glitch. Well, the primary reason behind this is incomplete upgradation. Likewise, updating a cumulative version is another cause. If the version KB4471332 fails, the default applications vanish on their own. Other reasons are as follows-

  • Misconfiguration of the system files.
  • Less storage space in the device can make it difficult for the installation process to work smoothly.
  • Corrupt drivers and files.
  • Cache, cookies and other unwanted files and folders take up a lot of space. As a result, the upgradation process slows down or stops abruptly.
  • Errors with the Windows Registry. This happens primarily when the system has undergone a booting procedure recently and there was no backup for the Windows 10 files.
  • Virus and malware attacks.
  • Third-party tools or the internet security application might interfere with the Windows update.
  • More than one active apps working in the background while the Windows 10 installation process is taking place can cause conflict and the trouble can appear.
  • Similarly, firewall protection is one of the acute causes of this error message.

Apart from the above reasons, hardware or software glitch are some additional causes. With each modification, more problems are unearthing. But there are some simple tricks that you can follow. Just follow the next section.

More About The Popups

This runtime error is gaining its strength day by day due to various causes. Many issues in your computer can lead to the code and we have discussed some of them. In this regard, it is necessary to know about the messages that appear on your windows screen. The solutions provided here cater to the causes.

Some of the messages that can appear are-

  1. Runtime or unrecoverable popup
  2. Issues with the output
  3. Network Adapter or IP address was not found.
  4. Windows components missing
  5. Cannot find ESATA
  6. System browser not responding
  7. Motherboard failure
  8. Administration Permission failed

All these notifications pertain to the common error 0x80070776. So, do not be surprised at it.

Simple Ways To Fix Error 0x80070776

Down below we will discuss some of the techniques that can resolve the problem appearing in your device. You can take help of other methods as well. But make sure you know the consequence. For example, quite a few users tried the System File Checker trick, but they failed miserably. Moreover, Windows own shielding system Windows Resource Protection was unable to solve the glitch. So, this is more critical than others.

Solution 1: Clear Cache

Clear CacheAs a basic procedure, delete the cache, cookies and unnecessary files from your machine. This will make some space in the drive. Then, try to download Windows 10.

Solution 2: Check For Viruses

Check For VirusesLikewise, you can remove the malware or virus that has affected your PC. Make sure you placed the installation disk properly. Do not stop the scanning process in midway. The process is long enough, so once it gets over, the PC will start afresh. If it remains stagnant, switch off the computer and restart after a minute or so.

Solution 3: Deactivate The Antivirus

As an alternative, you can deactivate the security software for the time being. Once the installation process is over, activate internet security. It is suggested that you must close down all the active Windows or default apps. Since these run in the background, there are chances that they might interfere with the download procedure.

Solution 4: Only For Users Having Administration Rights/ Permissions

Command Prompt can also help you to eliminate the problem. First, select the Start key and hover over the Taskbar. Once that screen becomes visible, enter the words ‘command prompt’. Now, select the command from the list available. Then, tap on the Enter key and a new page will pop up. Again type the code “chkdsk/f C” and click the Enter button to begin the process. Once the procedure gets over, the hard drive errors will vanish and the machine will start on its own. As the last step, install the latest version of Windows.

Solution 5: Reinstall Windows 10

Reinstall Windows 10This particular technique follows simple steps, but there are a few options that might sound new to you. So, make sure you choose it only after reading the information we provide.

  • To start with, first, tap on the Windows key and I key together to move to the Settings page.
  • Over there, hover over the option related to Update and Security.
  • Now, choose the Recovery option and select it to open a new tab.
  • Then, choose the last option (Reset the PC) and tick off the Start button.
  • Now, 3 options will appear. All these alternatives affect the customized settings of your computer. So, choose wisely.

Keep My Files

The first choice means that all your previously stored personal information will remain after the procedure is over. Your documents, images, files, pictures will not vanish.

Remove Everything

As the name suggests, your personal details and information will vanish after the reinstallation process is over. Further, under this alternative, you can clean the drive for enhancing the performance or remove a few items from your system.

Restore Factory Settings

This option pertains to the fact that after the reinstallation procedure, all your personal information will remain mostly the same. Applications, images, videos and other components will move to the default settings.

Once you choose the option, tap on the Reset key and wait while the operation is taking place.

Solution 6: Other Techniques You Can Choose

Apart from the ones given above, you can choose other techniques as well. The first one is uninstalling any update.

  • Turn on your computer and move directly to the Settings panel.
  • Then, move to the Control option and uninstall each application that is unnecessary.
  • Next, try the restoration process. The damaged files can be restored through an SFC scanning process.
  • At last, upgrade the Windows pack.

Solution 7: Fix Error 0x80070776 Using The Powershell Method  

The final method for you is the Powershell backup. It is the object exporter set by Microsoft company. Follow the steps and eliminate the glitch form your device.

  1. First, tap on the Windows icon and enter the Powershell option.
  2. Then, using the right side of the mouse tap on the Windows Powershell key.
  3. Now, choose the option Run as Administrator
  4. Type a complex command and press enter.
  5. Wait for several seconds and restart the machine.

Summing Up

As you can see that the error can originate from multiple sources and more cases are cropping up each day. The solutions work most of the time. However, if the trouble comes back again, consult professionals.