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9 Ways to Fix Slow Internet Connection

Nothing is more frustrating than an internet connection being slow, it creates a massive barrier in your work and personal life. When the internet connection is slow, you cannot open a website, upload or download data, cannot play a video or audio, play online games and others. That is why you have to fix the internet connection, at the earliest, to maintain a smooth workflow. 

There are various factors that can lead to a slow internet connection. It might happen due to the loss of data packets, cache and junk files present in your computer, server issues and others. Whenever you face this kind of problem, first you need to check the internet connection with the help of a good internet checker website. After that, opt for necessary measures to speed up. 

Troubleshoot your Slow Internet Connection

Selecting the effective methods of troubleshooting the internet connection can enhance your work life. Before that, you need to take note of the network devices that help you in accessing the internet in a convenient manner. 

1.Seek help from the Network Troubleshooter

networkIn every OS, the network troubleshooter is there to detect the issues associated with the network. Run the troubleshooter when the internet connection is slow. Wait for a few minutes till the troubleshooting completes. After that, note down the issues and fix it. 

2.Check the Network Devices 

network deviceWhen you are having a superfast internet connection at your home, then you must be using a Wi-Fi router. Thus, if you are facing a slow internet connection, investigate the router and try to find out whether there are issues or not. If you still find the internet connection slow, then resetting the router might render a positive outcome. 

3.Get a Secure VPN

secure vpnVirtual private networks are mostly used when you are working privately with the help of the internet connection. It secures your home or work network from any types of threats present on the web. In case, you feel that your connection has unauthorized intruder access, then the VPN will protect you. Thus, it will also help you in triggering the network connection. 

4.Check your Internet Plan

Every internet service provider has a collection of internet plans that their customers can afford. The pricing is listed according to the bandwidth, as well as the connection speed. Have a close look at the plan that you are using. If your plan has a lower bandwidth and high download or upload speed, then there is a fair chance that sometimes you will get slow internet connection. So, from the next time, you have to pay a little more attention and afford a plan with better bandwidth. 

5.Restart the Router 

Sometimes, it might happen that your Wi-Fi router has frozen. Before it happens, the network connection will gradually become slow. At some point, it will stop transferring data. That is why restarting the router will resolve the issue. Never turn on the device instantly after switching it off. Wait for a few minutes, and then check whether the issue is still persisting or not. 

6.Seek help from the ISP

When you are a newbie and have no idea about the usage of coaxial or optical fibre internet connection, then the problem of slow internet connection might not be associated with the system. That is why you have to contact your ISP. They will check and verify the connection. After observing, the necessary steps will be taken. 

7.Scan for Malicious Items

scan for Malicious ItemsMalicious files can enter your system while you are surfing the internet. Further, you might not know what website you are accessing, and thus this incident takes place. Scan your computer with a good antivirus and make sure all the malicious items are eliminated. 

8.Check the Duplex Mode

Due to some minor malfunctions in your system, the connection that you use might turn into the half-duplex mode. And, it results in internet connection slow. The network settings of your OS will help you to set the half-duplex mode to full-duplex. This will extract the entire bandwidth from the connection and will prevent data packet loss. 

9.Eliminate the Ping Loss

Ping Loss is such a situation where the loss of data packets occur. If this happens, then you will face an extremely slow internet speed. In order to eliminate the ping loss situation, check the number of pings, received data packets per milliseconds with the help of Command Prompt. After that, contact the ISP and ask them to check their local and main server, to resolve the issue. 

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Some Additional Fixtures 

There are some other fixing methods that you can rely upon. If your computer is too old to handle most of your work, then it might not be able to extract the data for internet usage. It would be a good idea to replace the CPU and get a new configuration. At the time of work, you must close certain applications that might have a chance to drag the bandwidth. 

The low bandwidth can also occur when there are issues with the router. Check the antenna (single, double or more than that) and make sure that they are working appropriately. If not, take it to the repair centre. In case, the situation is critical, change the router and buy a new device for replacement.