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Safari Can’t Verify The Identity Of The Website: Put A Stop To Your Hassle

Safari is the most useful browser for Apple users. However, it also supports Windows OS. While browsing the internet using Safari if you are facing the “Safari can’t verify the identity of the website” pop-up message, then you can read this article. This article will help you to gather the complete knowledge of the error along with the methods using which you can able to get rid of it.

What Causes Safari Can’t Verify the Identity of the Website Error?

According to the experts, Safari can’t verify the identity of the website error occurs due to these following facts.

  • Safari Certificate Verification for Websites: Safari always accesses every website by verifying the security factors of it. If it founds anything wrong with the certificate of the website, then it blocks. This is a good thing if it occurs for some of the unimportant websites. But if the Safari blocks every single website to open or even to some of the important websites, then it may not be acceptable. If this is the case you are dealing with, then study further this article to learn the methods of how to get rid of it.
  • Cache or Browsing History: Gathering unimportant cache files can also be a cause which results in this error. If this is the case, then the method which will fix the problem is you need to clear the cache and browser history of the Safari browser.

The error window which appears contains the message as below:

Safari can’t verify the identity of the website “Website URL”

Excellent Methods to Solve Safari Can’t Verify the Identity of the Website Issue:

The methods that you can apply to fix the Safari can’t verify the identity of the website problem on are as follows.

Method 1: Fix Safari Certificate Issues with the Keychain Access

This is the first method you can apply and with the help of which you can fix Safari websites opening problems. The steps to follow for this are very simple and to know them, you need to read the below lines.

To begin with, at first, you need to close the Safari browser. You can do this by clicking on the Safari tab from the upper panel and by choosing the Quit option from the list. After that, tap the Command and Spacebar key at the same time. This will activate the Spotlight search. Now, in the Spotlight search box, type “Keychain Access” and hit the Return symbol key to open the app. Next, navigate to the menu section under this Keychain Access app. From the list, click on “Keychain First Aid”.

Then, in the Keychain First Aid window, you need to enter the current user password. After that, enable the “Verify” checkbox at first and then click on the Start button. Next, enable the “Repair” checkbox and again click the Start button. Now, after completing with all these above tasks, relaunch Safari and visit the websites again. Hopefully this time, you can get the websites open without visiting the error pop-up window.

Method 2: Clean Safari Cache

By clearing the cache from Safari browser, many of the problems get solved like the Safari can’t verify the identity of the website issue. However, the steps are hopefully familiar to you and if not then check the lines as below.

Launch the Safari browser at first, to begin this process. Then, navigate the cursor to the Safari tab and click on it. This will open up a menu list. From the available options of this menu, choose “Preferences”. Next, select the Advanced tab and at the below section of this window, you will visit “Show Develop menu in menu bar” checkbox, enable it. After doing this, in the tabs section of the Safari home page, you will see an additional tab “Develop”, click on it. Then, from this dropping down menu list, select the “Empty Caches” option to complete the process. By completing all these steps, now relaunch the Safari browser and check if the Safari can’t verify the identity of the website problem gets solved. If it gets solved then fine or else you should try the below methods.

Method 3: Delete Safari History

After removing the Safari cache files, if you are not getting the problem fixed, then try to clear Safari history and website data. This is the method with the help of which many of the visitors get rid of this error. So, let us begin with.

Open the Safari browser and then from the available tabs option, click on “Safari”. Next, from this dropping down menu list, you will visit an option as “Clear history…”, click on it. Then, as the “Clearing history will remove related cookies and other website data” window pop-ups, drop down the arrow beside the Clear and set it as “all history”. Next, click on the “Clear History” button to finish this method. After that, again try to open the websites using the Safari browser. If this method works in fixing this error, then Quit from these further methods or else continue.

Method 4: Confirm the System Date and Time are Correct

Many times it is found that the Safari can’t verify the identity of the website error occurs due to the improper settings of date and time in the system. If this is the case, then continue with these below steps to fix the time and date issue.

In case, if your Safari browser is open, then close it at first. After that, from the Home window, click on the Apple symbol and choose “System Preferences” from the available options. Next, from this window, find the Date & Time section and click on it. Then, from this next window, if you find that the lock symbol is engaged, then this means that you have to unlock it to modify the date and time of your device. For this, click on the Lock symbol, which is at the left-hand corner. This will pop-up the password section window. In the place of the password, enter the Username password and then click on the Unlock button to continue this method.

Further, click on the checkbox which is beside the “Set date and time automatically” section, to disable it. Then, see that the country which is set beside it is Ok. If not, then drop-down the menu arrow and select your choice. After that, again click on the “Set date and time automatically” checkbox to enable the option. Next, select the OK button and click on the lock symbol to save this change. After confirming the date and time of your Apple device, now try to launch the Safari browser. Furthermore, check if the error gets resolved.

Method 5: Update Safari to the Latest Version

If all these above methods do not work in solving the error, then this will probably do it. Though the steps of this method are very simple, yet they are a little more time-consuming. So, before trying out this method, having enough time in hand as this is very important.

For performing this method, at first, you need to proceed to the Apple menu. Under these available options, click on “Software Update”. Then, get the updates which are available for the Safari browser. After installing the Safari browser updates, proceed to open a website and ensure that the problem gets fixed.

All these above are the five methods which are very helpful in fixing the Safari can’t verify the identity of the website error message. Hopefully, after going through this article in details, you will not face any problem with the methods as the steps are explained in an easy manner.