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Linksys 14345 Router Setup With Easy Hacks

Linksys is a common name for routers at present. Linksys 14345 is one of the great product of this brand. To start using a router, the initial thing is you need to perform is the setup process. Here, in this article, you will get detailed information about the Linksys 14345 router setup process. By, going through this article thoroughly, you can perform the setup task easily. So, let us proceed.

Steps to Perform the Linksys 14345 Router Setup Process

In order to begin the Linksys 14345 router setup, at first, you need to select an installation location for it. To select a location, you need to keep some important factors in your mind which are as follows:

  • A power outlet should be nearby the router installation location.
  • It is recommended to install the router in such a location, where no disturbance can occur.
  • The router should be placed in a location which must be near to the connecting devices (PC or Laptop).

After selecting the router installation location by keeping all these above factors in mind, proceed with these further steps.

Step 1: Unbox the Router and Takeout the Components from it

First of all, you need to go through the router unboxing process. After opening the box, take out every component from it. The components which you will see inside the box are as follows:

  • Linksys 14345 Router
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Configuration Card
  • Warranty Card

Step 2: Connect the Linksys Router with a Power Outlet

From the above components, take the Power Adapter and plugin with the Power port of the router. And attach the other end of the adapter to the Power Outlet.

Step 3: Connect the Linksys 14345 Router with the Internet Device as well as the PC

After placing and connecting the router with the power outlet, join the cable or DSL modem with the Internet port of the Linksys router. Next, take the Ethernet cable and connect the one point of it to any one of the LAN ports and the other point to the PC. This is the end of the connecting hardware. Now, proceed with the further steps to learn about the Linksys 14345 router setup.

After performing all these above steps, turn on the power supply for every device (Computer/ Laptop, Modem, and Router) and start your PC. Wait until the lights of your router are stable.

Step 4: Click on the Network Icon

In order to proceed with the setup process, go to the network icon of your PC which is located near the bottom-right corner. Then, from the available network options, click on the option which is related to the Linksys router.

In default, Linksys 14345 router appears primarily as Linksys followed by a short string of digits, click on it. After clicking on Linksys, followed by a short string of digits option, you will see a pop-up window. In this window, you need to enter the password which you see written on the configuration card. Next, click on “Connect” to continue.

Step 5: Launch a Browser and Navigate to the Router Login Page

This time you need to click on a browser of your choice. Then, at the address bar of this browser, type the IP address of your router. To know your router’s IP address, check the Quick Installation Guide which comes with the box.

Alternatively, you can find your router IP address by performing a few steps manually. To learn the steps of getting your router’s IP address check out the “Know your Router’s IP Address” section of this article. After placing the IP address of your router in the address bar of the browser, press the Enter button. This will navigate to the login page of the Linksys router.

Know your Router’s IP Address

To know the router’s IP address manually, at first, you need to open the Command Prompt window. And to do this, tap the Windows key once to activate the search bar, then on it type ‘cmd’. By typing ‘cmd’ on the search bar, you will visit the Command Prompt or cmd option at the top-most search result, click on it. This will open the black background Command Prompt titled window on your desktop’s screen with a blinking cursor in it.

Then, on this Command Prompt window, type ‘ipconfig’ and press the Enter key. After that, you will visit a number of messages get loaded on this Command Prompt window. From these loaded messages, navigate to the Default Gateway section. The number along with the dots which you will visit beside this Default Gateway section is the IP address of your router, which is required to log in to your Linksys account. is an example of the router IP address.

Step 6: Fill the Username and Password and Click on Login

Under the login page of the router, you will visit two different fields for Username and Password. In both the places of the username and password place “admin” and click on Login. This will navigate to the Linksys Setup Wizard window.

Username: admin

Password: admin

Step 7: Setup your Network Type

Now, under this Linksys Setup Wizard window, click on the Setup tab. After that, drop-down the menu beside the Language section, and choose your preferred language from these available options. Next, click on “Internet Setup” and select the connection type, which you are using by knowing from your ISP.

In most of the cases, the connection type is used by the users is DHCP, tap on it by knowing from your ISP. In case, if you are using the PPPoE type connection. Then, you need to know the username and password for the connection which you will get from your Internet Service Provider.

Step 8: Go to Wi-Fi Protected Setup

After selecting the network type, navigate to the “Wi-Fi protected setup”. Here, you can configure the Wi-Fi Settings. In general, the router automatically chooses the wireless standards (5Ghz or 2.5Ghz), by scanning the network type you are using. In an exceptional case, you need to select the network type.

Step 9: Disable SSID Broadcast

Then, to make the network name more secure, you need to disable the SSID broadcast. From here, on this window, you can modify the channel width and number assignments if you are an advanced user.

Step 10: Wireless> Wireless Security

Further, click on Wireless and select the Wireless Security option. Under Wireless Security, you will get different options which are as follows.

  • WEP
  • WPA Personal
  • WPA2
  • WPA Mixed Mode
  • WPA2 Personnel Security Standards

Among these options, WPA2 is the strongest.

Step 11: Allow Guest Access (Optional)

This is an optional step which you can skip as well. To enable the Guess Access service, you need to go to the Setup tab. Under the available options, click on Wireless and then tap on Guest Access. To activate the service, you need to enable the Guess Access option. By doing this, here, select the number of users you want to allow to connect with the network. And then, click on OK, to confirm.

Additional Step of the Linksys 14345 Router Setup Process

If you want to activate the network storage activity to the Linksys router, then the steps which you need to follow are as follows.

To enable network storage having a portable hard drive is essential. In default, all the content on the disk can be accessed without a password. To stop this insecurity, at first, click on Storage and then Administration. Under Administration, you will visit a section as “Anonymous Disk Access”, disable it.

After following all these above instructions, click on Save to confirm the Settings.

So, this was the complete instruction for the Linksys 14345 router setup process. By, studying this article, hopefully, you will be able to perform the setup process without any problem. After, setting up the router successfully, start browsing the internet endlessly.