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Know How to Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Error with the Most Amazing Hacks

Several Lexmark users have reported that their printer suddenly goes offline while performing a task. We have found this issue to be more common with Windows 10 users. Now if your printer goes offline, then obviously you can’t continue your work and all your important task will get stuck. Thus, you might have tried several tricks but nothing might have worked out effectively. Though Lexmark printer offline Windows 10 doesn’t appear to be a complicated one, you can’t resolve it unless you can track the actual cause of it.  So let us get deeper into the possible reasons behind this issue so that we can apply the appropriate solution and get rid of this error at the earliest.

Significant Causes Of Lexmark Printer Offline Error

  • You will undoubtedly fix this issue if the USB cable you are using to connect the printer with your PC is defective.
  • Moreover, your PC fails to recognize your printer if you have plugged in the USB cable to a faulty USB port.
  • For wireless printers, it is essential to keep the printer within the range of your computer. Otherwise, connectivity issues tend to arise between the printer and the PC.
  • External objects might block the wireless signal between your printer and computer.
  • In addition, a defective plug point might turn your printer offline.
  • A missing, incompatible, corrupted or outdated printer driver might display an offline error status.
  • You might be unaware of the fact that the printer under ‘Devices and Printers’ is set to offline.
  • Finally, incorrect installation of the printer might cause such errors.

Some secondary factors that causes Lexmark printer offline

The driver software is a piece of code that allows a printer to communicate with a PC. Generally, Lexmark printer says offline when the driver software is incompatible with the current version of Windows that your PC is running. You might have not connected both your printer and PC to the same wireless network. As a result, the computer can’t detect a printer for the printing task. This is why the offline status arises when your PC sends the printing task to another printer available on the same network. So, an incorrect network is another vital reason behind this issue.

Methods To Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Windows 10

Here are some simple ways for you to try out.

Method 1: Verify The Connection Between Your Printer And Computer

Disconnect your printer from your PC and connect it back after a couple of minutes. Then plug in the printer to a power point and turn it on. In the case of wired printers, replace the USB cable and plug in the cable to another USB port of your PC. Restart both the printer and computer to ensure that the problem is solved.

Method 2: Check The Network Connection

Turn off both the printer and computer for some time. Then power on both the printer and PC. For a wireless printer, check whether the printer is within the range of your PC or not. Otherwise, you will need to reduce the distance between the printer and the PC. Also, ensure that you have connected both these devices on the same wireless network. Remove the physical obstacles that are coming in between the printer and computer. Continue with the next solution if your PC is still showing Lexmark printer offline error.

Solution 3: Update Or Reinstall Printer Driver

Open ‘Devices and Printers’ from the Start menu or search box. Expand the list of installed devices on your PC and locate your printer. A yellow colored icon next to the printer denotes that it lacks a proper driver. Hence visit your printer manufacturer’s website and choose ‘Support and Drivers’ option. Then click on ‘Devices drivers and software’ and search with the model number of your printer. Now, choose the Windows version installed on your PC and tap ‘Download the driver’ button. After the download is finished, run the installer to set up the downloaded driver on your PC. Turn on the printer and computer to ensure that you have resolved the issue.

Solution 4: Check The ‘Use Printer Online’ Option

Press Windows logo key and ‘X’ together to access the Control Panel. Go to ‘Devices and Printer’ and search for your printer. The ‘Offline’ status beside your printer states that it is in an offline state. So right-click on the printer and select the ‘Use Printer Online’ option. The status immediately changes to ‘Ready’ and indicates that your printer is no longer offline. Do a print test to ensure that you have fixed the issue.

Solution 5: Use The Device Manager

Press Windows logo key and ‘R’ to open the Run application. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’  in the Run box and click ‘OK’ to launch the Device Manager if it is not available at the Start menu. Move your way to the ‘View’ tab and click ‘Show Hidden Devices.’ Navigate to the ‘Port’ category and expand it. Right-click on ‘Printer Port’ and select ‘Properties’ to open the ‘Printer Port Properties’ dialog box. Then go to the ‘Port Settings’ tab and then select ‘Use any interrupt assigned to the port’ option. Furthermore, enable the ‘Legacy plug’ and ‘Play Detection.’ Hit the ‘OK’ button to apply these changes. Restart your system and check the status of your printer.

Solution 6: Enable The Print Spooler

Enter ‘services.msc’ in the Run application to get the list of services running at the system startup. Choose ‘Print Spooler’ and set the ‘Startup type’ to automatic. Now, select ‘Restart the service’ for ‘First Failure’ under the ‘Recovery’ tab. Tap the ‘Apply’ button below the screen to let the changes take effect. Type ‘C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers’ in the search box and press ‘Enter.’ Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ simultaneously to select all data inside the printer folder. Click on the ‘Delete’ button to erase all the data and restart your PC.

Solution 7: Uninstall And Reinstall The Printer

Disconnect the printer from your PC and open Device Manager on your PC. Choose ‘Printers and Scanners,’ right-click on the printer driver installed on your PC and select ‘Uninstall’ option Check ‘Delete the driver software for the device’ option on the confirmation box and click ‘OK.’ Click on ‘Uninstall’ again and restart your PC to ensure that the driver has been uninstalled successfully. Visit your printer manufacturer’s website, provide the printer’s model number in the search box and press ‘Enter.’ Now, click on ‘Download drivers and software’ link to get the latest driver available for your printer. Select ‘Download the driver’ and run the ‘setup.exe’ command. After downloading the driver follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your PC. Restart both the PC and printer and you are surely not going to face Lexmark printer offline error message.

Are you encountering Lexmark printer offline error state, then use this article as a guide and fix your issue. Hope this article was helpful for you.