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iTunes Error 9: Reliable Solution to Restore iTunes Error

iTunes is software that is developed by a world famous company called Apple Inc. This application is basically a media player that can play any kind of digital media like music, videos. Including this, it can also download any media files from the internet. From this application, you can also go to the iTunes Store and buy any digital media. Even this application has a feature to play a radio in it. Although this software has many good features and provides the best services when you use it. Even then it is possible that you can encounter a variety of errors. One such error is the iTunes error 9.

You can face this very error when the network settings are configured incorrectly. This error can occur if an antivirus software or a firewall restricts the access of iTunes to a specific website. Due to a broken or faulty USB cable or ports, you can even get this error. Also, if any iDevices is jailbroken by you then you may encounter this issue. Now, in the upcoming section, you will get effective solutions for this error.

Easy Solutions To Correct The Issue Of iTunes error 9

In this section, we will provide easy solutions to correct the iTunes error 9. You can follow the different points mentioned below to resolve this issue.

Temporarily Disable Your Security Software

Security software usually restricts iTunes from establishing a connection with the Apple server, and thus it results in this error. To resolve the issue follow the steps below which are different for Windows and Mac users.

For Windows User

Temporarily Disable Your Security Software For Windows User

  • First, open the Antivirus software, then tap on the ‘3 vertical lines’ and select ‘Settings’ from the options list.
  • Then, in the window that shows up locate an option to ‘disable’ the software.
  • Now, switch off the ‘Firewall’ of your system.
  • Open the program ‘Control Panel’. Then choose the link ‘System and Security’ to the left. Next, tap on the option ‘Windows Firewall’. Now, choose the option ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ present on the left side of the ‘Windows Firewall’ window. At last, choose the radio button beside the option ‘Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)’.
  • Inspect whether the error is solved or not.
  • Finally, re-enable the antivirus and firewall once again.

For The Mac User

Temporarily Disable Your Security Software For The Mac User

All the steps are similar as it is in the Windows version, thus follow those steps given above, except for the firewall ‘turn off’ step. Therefore, follow the steps below to turn off the firewall in a Mac.

  • First, select the ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu.
  • Then, tap on the option ‘Security’ or ‘Security & Privacy’.
  • Tap on the tab ‘Firewall’.
  • Enter the administrator’s username and password and then ‘Unlock’ the panel in the lower-left side by clicking a ‘Lock’ button.
  • At last, tap on the options either ‘Turn Off Firewall’ or ‘Stop’ in order to deactivate the firewall.

Examine The Wires

Examine The Wires

If you have a defective wire that you use to connect an Apple device to your computer or Mac then due to that wire, you can get this error. The solution to resolve this issue is as follows.

  • First, take a different wire and connect your Apple device with the computer or Mac.
  • Now, if the iTunes error 9 does not appears when you use this different wire then, the previous wire has some fault in it. So, the solution is to replace it.

Examine The Different USB port In Your Machine

Examine The Different USB port In Your Machine

You can even get the iTunes error 9 if the there is any fault in your USB  port. So, now to resolve this issue follow the steps below.

  • Always try to use different USB ports that are present in your computer or Mac.
  • If the given error does not appear when you use a different port in the machine then, the previous port has some defect in it. So, the solution for you is to repair it.

Inspect Your WiFi Connection

Inspect Your WiFi Connection

If you have slow or no Wifi connection to your machine then also you may get the iTunes error 9. Now, in order to solve this issue, follow the steps below.

  • You need to ‘disconnect’ the Wifi from the laptop and iPhone. Now, wait for a few minutes.
  • Then, try to reconnect the WiFi from either the laptop or iPhone and open the iTunes application to see if you can access the iTunes store.
  • Now, if while accessing the store you are getting the given error try to reinstall the software or you can even try a different Wifi network and see if the problem is still there or not.