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How to Fix iTunes Error -39

iTunes error -39 mainly occur when your system cannot establish a link with the Apple servers or with your device. The problem can also arise due to an older version of the iTunes. The user commonly gets the iTunes error -39 issue at the time of updating the iOS devices. It can also appear at the time of the startup or shutdown of Windows.

You can encounter such a glitch due to corrupt files or a faulty iTunes software. Problems can also creep into your system if there is an issue with the registry due to the recent changes in the iTunes software. Also, we can’t rule out the possibility of the issues of your waning memory.

If you are going through the same situation, then stick with this article till the very end. Since we will discuss the various ways to resolve the iTunes error -39.

Troubleshoot the iTunes Error -39

iTunes error is -39 is one of the most reported issues by the users. Whenever the users are trying to sync the Apple devices to their PC or Mac, they seem to get an issue. There can be several reasons why you are getting the iTunes errors as mentioned above. But there other technical issues as well which you don’t need to bother. Hence it is necessary to troubleshoot the problem as it can be fatal for your system or Apple device. Thus, go through the methods and fix the issue by yourself.

Reinstall iTunes and Restart Computer

If you are receiving the error message, then click OK and check if the syncing continues. In some situations, the iTunes application neglects the permissions and carries on with the task. If you are unable to sync the contents, then try to restart the System.


It is a simple and proven technique to fix any kind of problem. So, restart your PC if the problem is still there. Finally, reinstall the iTunes.

Upgrade The iTunes To Recent Version

If the earlier step didn’t resolve the issue, then it is better to update your iTunes. By updating iTunes, it will help to troubleshoot the problem that you are facing.


Fix The iTunes Error with Administrator Access

Suppose, if you are still getting the problem, then it needs proper access.  If your system does not have the permission to sync the file, then use Administrator Access.


Hence to fix the problem, open iTunes with the help of Administrator access tap the desktop icon

To upgrade iTunes Go to the help button on the top of the menu. Tap on Check for updates to see the new version. If there is any update iTunes will download and restart automatically. After that get back to Help and check whether you have the new version or not.and then select Run as administrator. After the launching of iTunes with the assistance of an administrator repeat the process and check the error appears or not. If the error message is still bothering you, then click on iTunes shortcut and select Properties. Go to compatibility and hit Run this Program as an administrator. Tap Apply to save the changes.

Coerce The Permission For iTunes

The users who are still stuck with the iTunes error they can use this hack. It is a quite useful technique, and it generally works in Windows 10. Since Windows 10 is very critical about 3rd party application. So it is necessary to modify permissions for iTunes. Otherwise, it can hamper the overall syncing process. But if you are not using the newest version, then the problems will reappear.

However, with a few smart techniques, we can bypass the permission portion, and the user can complete the sync. To modify the permission first terminate iTunes dialog box. Then open the FileExplorer menu and search for the iTunes folder. You will find the folder within the music folder by default. Hit iTunes folder and click Properties. Choose the General tab to disable the read-only box and tap Apply to confirm. Once you hit the Apply button, the system will ask your confirmation to apply changes. Tap the toggle next to Apply changes and hit OK.

After the completion of this process right tap on iTunes and choose properties. In this case, go to the security tab and illuminate System located below Group or usernames. Hit Edit button.

Then go to Permission for System and enable the box of Full control and confirm. To see the changes open the iTunes sync your favorite content again. The iTunes error -39 will not annoy you anymore.

Deleting and re-importing Your iTunes Content

After making significant changes to nullify the effect of permission. A user needs to check if there is an error with the content or not. As you are aware that Apple doesn’t like to entertain any media files that are not from the store. Files like eBooks and songs that have taken outside Apple’s domain may not sync up.

If you are having any such files, then we recommend that you delete the alien content from iTunes. And then try to re-import it from the earlier source. You can follow the same process with iTunes content as well.

The user can track those different files by syncing small group files at one time. You need to do the step systematically to locate the faulty content.

Do Not Sync PDF

If you are encountering iTunes error at the time of syncing PDF, then these files can be responsible for unsuccessful syncing. As mentioned above that Apple has compatibility issues. It has more problems with the eBooks that are being transferred from iPhone to Windows-based systems. To verify that case do not sync any eBooks, iBooks or PDF. See if the iTunes error code -39 resurfaces or not.

Hence, to resolve this problem use share option on your Mobile and transfer it to yourself. By doing this, you can store PDF and then share it via email address.

Check For Any Software Conflicts

To be honest, every application is prone to some sorts of software conflicts and iTunes is not an exception to it. As stated by many users, they can initiate the syncing process after deactivating their systems antivirus. If another program is trying to access the same file that iTunes is attempting to sync, then you might encounter iTunes error-39.

Thus to resolve the issue go to the settings of your Antivirus software and turn off the real-time protection.

To Sum Up

iTunes error -39 is a typical issue that can bother every Apple user at some stage. But fortunately, there are several troubleshooting techniques that will help you to fix the problem easily. So, follow the process as given above and resolve the issue by yourself. Hence, manage your favorite media files and content with the help of iTunes.