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Resolve iTunes Error 0xe8000015: Unknown Error 0xe8000015

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iTunes is a default product which comes in every Apple devices. But you should also be able to use it on your Windows OS. However, when you are going to connect your iPhone or iPad device with your computer, you may visit this 0xe8000015 iTunes error code. There are no such specific reasons for this error code. You can study this article; this article will provide you with the possible guidelines which will help to resolve this iTunes error 0xe8000015.

Methods To Resolve iTunes Error 0xe8000015

You can apply the below-mentioned methods one after another, to resolve this error code.

Method 1: Reboot iPhone

Reboot iPhoneAfter getting this 0xe8000015 error code at first, you need to turn off your device. Press and hold the power button of your iPhone device until the slider appears. Drag the slider in the opposite direction to turn off your respective device. After that wait for a few minutes and then press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears. Next, check the Connection Settings of your iPhone device.

Method 2: Check Connection Settings

Check Connection SettingsThis error code may occur due to the network connection issue. So you need to check the network connection settings.

At first, go to the Settings option of your iPhone device. Then you need to go to the Cellular tab. Now move the Cellular Data slider in the off direction and switch it on. After that check the Wi-Fi network status.

To check the Wi-Fi network status at first, you need to go to the iPhone Settings option. Then turn on Wi-Fi by pressing on the icon and try to connect your device with a Wi-Fi network. Make sure you are in the Wi-Fi network range to check and if it connects then its fine. Next, go to the below procedure.

Method 3: Disable Restriction On iPhone

Disable Restriction On iPhoneIf there is a restriction on iPhone, then this will be the reason for which your device gets inaccessible to iTunes. To fix this, you need to disable the restriction on your iPhone device.

Initially, you need to go to your iPhone Settings. And then on General from the available options under Settings. After that click on Restrictions and later on, Disable Restrictions and enter your passcode. After that proceed to the next method to verify the Space status in your iPhone gadget.

Method 4: Inspect Or Make Sure That Your iPhone Have Enough Space

Inspect Or Make Sure That Your iPhone Have Enough SpaceLack of space in your iPhone can be a cause of this error code at the time of connecting to iTunes. For this, it is suggested to free up enough space on your device to resolve this problem. To check your iPhone space at first, go to your iPhone Settings. And then on General and after that navigate to iPhone storage to check the memory status of your iPhone gadget.

Method 5: Opt For A Hard Reset Your iPhone Device

Opt For A Hard Reset Your iPhone DeviceTo start the hard reset process, at first you need to go to your iPhone Settings and disable your Bluetooth. After that press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Then hold and as soon as possible release the Volume Down button. At last tap and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears.

These are procedures by which you can be able to solve this iTunes error code 0xe8000015.