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How To Fix Error Reading Setup Initialization File: The Fastest Way Out

The INI file format is an informal standard for configuration files of some platforms or software. INI file preference items allow you to add or replace a property in configuration settings setup information file, delete a property, section. An INI is Windows initialization used most often by the software programs. This error mostly appears when you are installing new applications.

Reason For This Error

  • When you want to download a software, but the software does not download completely.
  • If you run the Land F/X workstation installer, that time you will get Error Reading Setup Initialization File.
  • This problem often occurs due to blocking the Land F/X installer by the antivirus on your computer.
  • It occurs when users formatting their device.

Error Reading Setup Initialization File: Quick Steps To Follow

Solution 1:disable script debugging

Go to the Control Panel. Click on Internet Option. Then, tap on the Advanced option. Make sure to leave a blank box on Disable script debugging then press Ok. after that go back to Control Panel then, press Add or Remove Programs. Uninstall it then press the fiesta online or other out spark games launcher then if it pops up with no errors it is fixed. If you do this step your computer will be updated back the Frameworks as an update so do the step’s every time you shut down your computer.

Solution 2:land fx installer

If you still getting the same error then you can try this method. Try to run the Land F/X    workstation installer. To do this, you need to download and run the latest Workstation installer. You can manually install the Land F/X Workstations. Download the latest version of the Land F/X Workstation and click on the Install option.

Solution 3:change c directory for temp folder

Go to the drive where the Windows OS is installed, generally, it’s a C:// drive. Create a folder and name that folder as “temps” folder. Now, go to my computer and then click Properties. After that click on Advanced System Settings. Then, click on the Environment variable. You will see there are two folders named ‘temp’ and ‘tmp’. Change its path to your folder which you created in C drive. Restart your PC to fix the issue.

Solution 4:temp folder

To fix it, you need to clear all the temporary files and folders on your computer. Due to installing F/X CAD to erase the temporary files and folders might running slowly. So, you try this steps.
Open the Start menu. In the search box, type “%temp%”. Open the folder which contains your temporary files.
You would now be able to erase all records and folders in this folders manually.

Solution 5:disable antivirus

If you are struggling with this issue, you should disable the antivirus software temporarily. To do that go to the Anti-virus. Search for Settings option which available in the bottom left corner in the main antivirus interface. Then go to Components. From there you will find Enable and Disable option. Disable it. After fixing your issue, don’t forget to Enable it.

Hope the above solutions may help you to fix the problem. If you unable to try your hands on the above solution, do post your queries and comments. We will keep you updated as always!