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Eliminate Error Code 1025 Outlook With Simple Steps

Microsoft Outlook is a preferred email application developed by Microsoft Corporation. You can get the Outlook application as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Despite having so many distinct features, even then also you can get technical glitches. One such kind of complication is the Error Code 1025 Outlook. In the next section, you will get the details about this error code.

About The IMAP

The IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is the mail protocol which can be used for accessing emails within the remote web server from a client that is locally situated. Some of the examples of email clients that use IMAP are ‘Gmail’, AOL’ etc.

Why Does This Error Occur?

In this section, you will be provided with the various reasons behind the occurrence of Error Code 1025 Outlook. Users who use the Outlook application on their Mac can even come across this particular error as ‘cannot create mailbox’ and even you can get this message as ‘unknown namespace’.

  • If the Outlook application is not updated to its current version, then you may get this error.
  • Due to some kind of internal issue within the IMAP account you can face this error.

Trending Hacks To Solve Error Code 1025 Outlook

This section of the article will provide you with various steps that will help you to resolve this error efficiently and easily.

Steps To Delete The IMAP Account From Outlook Application

  • First, launch the Outlook application on your Mac device.
  • Next, go the ‘Tools’  menu and tap on the icon ‘Accounts’.
  • Now, within the section ‘Accounts’ choose the IMAP account that you want to remove from the list.
  • Finally, in order to delete that specific IMAP account, simply tap on the ‘-’ or the ‘minus’ key on the keyboard.
  • Once you delete it, reboot your Mac to confirm the alteration in your system.

Again Make A New IMAP Account On Your Mac For Outlook

  • First, on your Mac device start the Outlook application.
  • Next, you will have to tap on ‘Tools’ menu and then the option ‘Email Account’, under the heading ‘Add an Account’.
  • If there is already an account present then you cannot be able to see the options in the previous step. For that case, you will have to tap on the icon ‘+’ to add another email account
  • After that, you will get to see a section, where you will have to input the information about your account. Under the section ‘Enter your account information’. Type your email address beside the label ‘E-mail address’ and the password for the account you are creating beside the label ‘Password’.

Procedure To Add Details On The Newly Created Account

  • After the last step from the previous point, hit the icon ‘More Option’ and then choose ‘Use Incoming Server Info from the authentication box’ option.
  • Hit the button ‘Add Account’. Then, you will see a new window, where you need to enter the ‘Personal’, ‘Server’ information.
  • In the ‘Personal Information’ section, enter your full name and email address beside the labels that have a similar name.
  • Next, in the section ‘Server Information’, input the username, password, incoming server and output server beside the labels with the same name.
  • Tap on the ‘Advanced’ button on the bottom right corner of this window. Then, select the ‘Folders’ tab. Under it, locate the ‘Junk’ section and beside the label ‘Store junk messages in this folder’ choose the option ‘Junk Email (Server) option, from the drop-down list.
  • Within that tab, go to the section ‘Trash’. In it, choose the radio button ‘Move deleted messages to this folder:’. Under this option, select the drop-down menu and choose the option ‘Never’. After that, choose the tab ‘Server’ and under it type ‘[Gmail]’ inside the label ‘IMAP Root Folder’
  • Lastly. Tap on the button ‘OK’ to affirm this setting for this newly created account. Restart your machine and inspect if you are still encountering this error.

Wrapping Up

In order to eliminate Error Code 1025 Outlook, you will have to follow all the steps in the previous section very carefully. If you are unable to resolve this error even after these steps, do not worry. Post the queries and get handy solutions in an instant.