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How to Fix Discord Error 404 Page?

Discord might usually work fine when you use it with your games. But, many users have reported the 404 error page while trying to start a game. If you are facing the same issue, it has several possible causes. Further, this issue might occur primarily when you play any game, from what it seems. And, that probably means that the problem does not usually lie in the game.

So, how do you remove the annoying Discord error 404 page from your screen? If you are wondering, we have a few simple yet effective fixes to suggest. At least one of them should fix the problem in your case, depending on the cause.

7 Solutions to the Discord Error 404 Page

The 404 Discord error is usually a temporary one and might not occur the next time you open the game. But, it is not always that easy to fix this error after all. So, you might also have to try more complex solutions.

Here are the possible fixes for the Discord error 404 on your device: 

  • Restart Your Computer

The error 404 page might often indicate that something went wrong. And, you might be able to fix it immediately with a restart. Besides, a restart can fix a wide range of issues with your device, as you might know. So, trying out this fix can be worth it in many cases.

Perform a reboot on your device, and then try to launch the game that showed the error. Do you get the Discord error 404 page again? If yes, it might have something to do with the Discord overlay feature. 

  • Disable the Discord Overlay

The overlay feature is quite popular with many Discord users. And, you can usually enjoy this feature without any issues. But, it is known to cause the 404 error page in many cases.

In other words, you might have to disable it to fix the problem. You can then try to use this feature with the game again later on.

Open the Discord app and navigate to the User Settings section. Then, Toggle off the ‘Enable in-game overlay’ to disable this feature. Many users have found a solution to the Discord error 404 page by this method. There are more fixes to try out if this one is ineffective in your case. 

  • Close Discord Before Starting the game

Did you launch the game or an app with Discord open? If yes, then that might explain the 404 error page appearing repeatedly. Some users have reported that closing the app fixes this error effectively on their devices.

So, you might want to try that if the previous methods were ineffective.

Shut down the Discord app and then launch the game. Sometimes, it might keep working in the background and cause the error again. So, go to the Task Manager on your PC to stop Discord from running in the background. You might then find the game launching without showing the Discord error 404 page. 

  • Get the Latest Discord Version

You can usually get a solution to the error with the previous methods. So, you usually would not need to try any other fixes apart from them. But, what if you keep getting the 404 error page repeatedly? In such cases, you must consider updating Discord to the latest version.

Discord will look for updates and download them automatically. If you are running the app, you might have to relaunch it to proceed with the update. Launch the game that showed the Discord error 404 page to check on the problem.

Does it show the error page again? Then, signing in to your user account again might offer you a solution in some cases. 

  • Log Out and then Log In to Discord

You can also consider Discord login issues as the cause of the error 404 page. And, renewing the login might help you fix the issue in such cases. So, open Discord and go to the User Settings page. Find the Log Out option at the bottom and click on it. Then, relaunch the app and enter your Discord server credentials to log in.

Close the app after logging in and launch the game that faced the error. You might not get the Discord error 404 page this time. However, this method might not always provide you with a long-lasting solution. Especially so, if the app has a damaged or corrupted file. 

  • Disable the Windows Reputation-based Protection

The Reputation-based Protection feature is a part of the Windows Security on your PC. And, it might sometimes cause issues with apps that use an internet connection. So, you might want to make sure whether it is causing the Discord error on your game.

If it is the culprit, you need not keep the in-game overlay disabled anymore. All you need to do is disable Reputation-based Protection.

Go to the Update & Security settings and open the Windows Security section. Navigate to the App & Browser Control to find Reputation-based Protection settings there. Turn this feature off, and check whether the Discord error 404 page persists.

  • Update Your System

Since the error page is related to Discord, it usually has nothing to do with your device’s system. But, a system update can help you fix a wide range of issues on your computer. So, you might want to try out that fix if you cannot resolve the error 404 page.

Go to your device’s settings and look for the latest update. Install the latest system version for your device before checking on the problem. If the error page shows up again, that probably indicates that Discord is corrupted on your device.

Finally, Reinstall Discord….

Were all of the aforementioned fixes ineffective in resolving the Discord error 404? Then, reinstalling the app might be the only viable solution left. You might get a faster solution by doing that compared to any other possible solutions. Reinstall the existing app and install it again for a long-lasting solution.