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How To Fix Apple TV Remote? An Ultimate Guide

For every home, Apple TV is a great means of entertainment. However, there are multiple versions of the product available. Moreover, the current version of the Apple TV remote also supports Siri that provides voice-based control and other browsing features. There is no comparison of the Apple TV remote series as both are quite strong. However, like any electrical gadget, Apple TV remote also faces certain problems. One such problem that users often encounter is how to fix Apple TV remote.

Although it is quite frustrating at times as because there are certain issues that users find hard to solve when they face the error of Apple TV remote not working. However, no need to worry as the problem is quite easily solvable using some tricks. So we recommend you to follow the entire article and hope you are going to get an exact solution from the article.

How To Fix Apple TV Remote? Quick and Easy Fixes

Now coming on to the solutions, let us follow some of the effective guides that are quite useful in resolving such error from the root. So let start with the steps below:

Fix 1: Charge The Battery

In order to eradicate the issue, be very careful and take the necessary steps.

  • Firstly, you must check whether the battery is fully charged otherwise let the device to charge up.
  • Leave the Apple TV Remote or the Siri Remote charging for at least 30 minutes by simply using the lightning to USB cable that is connected to the wall charger.

Fix 2: Keep the Remote Within Range And Also Remove An Obstructions or Obstacles

It often happens that there is a disturbance in the IR sensor due to the blocking of the path by any obstacles. So in order to control the TV unit, the IR sensor requires a clean line of sight. So it becomes very much essential to remove any kind of obstacles.

  1. According to the latest technology, it is far better to use the RF signal instead of the IR signal and in order to talk to the TV unit in case of the IR signal, the line of sight has to be very clear.
  2. As the remote relies on the Bluetooth connection of the Apple TV, it is mandatory to operate the remote within range for all Siri remotes.

Fix 3: Reset The Remote and Apple TV Connection

Resetting the remote and the Apple TV connection can mitigate the problem that you are facing. So there are some essential steps to follow.

The primary step is to unplug the Apple TV from the power socket. Now, wait for some time at least for 10 seconds and then plug it back again. After this, find that whether you are facing the same problem by trying and operating with the remote.

The users who use the Siri Remote can also reset their remote by pressing the Volume Up buttons and the Menu key altogether. Moreover, you can easily pair the remote with the TV, once the resetting process is over.

Fix 4: Re-pair Remote With Apple TV

While you are going to repair the remote, follow the essential actions:

  • From the Apple TV, have a point out of about three inches for all Siri remotes. Now, for at least five seconds, press and hold the Volume Up and the menu buttons.  
  • In order to compete for the pairing, place the remote on top of the Apple TV. Link the Aluminum or the White remote to the Apple TV that you are having by holding and pressing the right and the menu buttons.
  • Move the icon for the remote on the TV screen and look for a link symbol.
  • On the Apple TV unit, check the response and press the Apple TV remote in order to check the response of the light. If there is the flashing of the remote three times then it means it has been already paired to the TV with a different remote.

Fix 5: Nothing Happens Still After The Light Flashes Off

If nothing happens on the TV even after pairing and pressing the button, then follow these methods in order to resolve your doubts:

  • If the above situation occurs then try and pair the Apple TV with the TV remote and after that go to the remote settings and then try and pair with the Apple TV remote.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the menu button simultaneously in order to reset the Siri Remote. This will help you in easy pairing and can reset your remote.
  • Unplug the Apple TV from the power outlet if still, you need help to restart. Wait for a moment and then again plug it back again. This method can work out at times .
  • If you see an exclamation mark in a triangle and the light of the Apple TV does not work, then you are in a need to replace the battery from the Apple remote.

Siri Remote Only Effects

Based on the speed of the new Siri Remote, there are many people who complain. However, you can change the settings of scrolling down if the trackpad is too sensitive and also can adjust the sensitivity. In order to change the settings to fast or slow, just open the settings and then open the Remote and Devices and here adjust the speed by opening the Touch Surface Tracking.

Moreover, if you are struggling from inputting characters on the onscreen keypad, in such case, changing the surface tracking speed might be quite useful. You can also try out another method that is you can swipe directly to the end of the alphabet or you can swipe a little bit harder on the Apple TV remote touchpad.

Ways To Use iPhone or iPad As Remote For Apple TV

You must have deep knowledge in order to set and use the remote on the iPhone or iPad. So you must ensure that you are having the home sharing setup or you are using the same Wi-Fi network. In order to perform the action, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the Remote App and then only you must try and connect the iPhone device to the Wi-Fi network at home. In order to communicate with the Apple TV, it is necessary to connect the Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi.
  • After this go to the Settings options and then open the General option by turning on the Apple TV for the problem of new Apple TV remote not working. Now, choose the Remote App by going to the Remote.
  • For the Home Sharing purpose, type in the Apple ID and the password. After that launch the Remote by getting to the iDevice. Now, tap on the Apple TV by processing on to the settings.
  • The app will take a few moments in order to pair up with the Apple TV. Once the pairing is completed, you can easily find that your remote is working and you can easily use it on iPhone or iPad.

Ending Notes

Hopefully, the article was helpful to you in resolving the issues on how to fix Apple TV remote?  Try out the steps as directed here and you will surely find a solution for the issue you are facing. However, if you face any problem or have any query, then follow the guide for best results.