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How To Fix Adobe Save For Web Error [Get Proper Guidance]

A number of people use Photoshop’s Save for Web export option in place of the new Export option. And, as a consequence, they may face the Adobe Save for Web Error. There are a lot of issues that users have encountered with CS6 and GIFs. 

The Adobe save for web error message reads as-

“Could not complete this operation. An unknown error has occurred.”

Fix 1: Check the Image Size

  1. If this error continues, try to check the image size and compare it to the canvas size.  
  2. In addition, ensure that the size of the image is not huge like 20,000 inches. 
  3. Try to make it smaller or change the measurements to pixels, if it is not already. 
  4. Also, make sure the size of the canvas neither larger nor smaller than the image size. If it is so, try to convert it to the same size as the image. 
  5. Try again to save for the web. This should definitely work, and in case it doesn’t, then remove the profile files. After that, restart your system and launch Photoshop. 

Fix 2: Some Alternative Fixes

If the animation is too big for your system, some of the possible processes would be:

  1. Get more RAM
  2. Export on another system with more RAM
  3. Render the image as a PNG or video sequence and convert it to GIF with some other tool with better memory management than Photoshop.