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Adobe Error 1603 – Get Effective Solutions

Adobe is a common tool used in almost every device to open different file formats. However, if it creates a problem to open files with an Adobe error 1603, then study this article from beginning to the end. From this article, you will get a handful of detailed ways regarding Adobe Acrobat products related issues. Basically, this is an installation related error code. You just need to repair this issue as soon as possible to make all the system contents functional.

This Adobe Acrobat error 1603 does not occurs due to a particular reason. After investigating for years our professional team experience all these below can be the causes for this particular 1603 Adobe error code.


  • Corrupt installed Acrobat files
  • A conflict issue between programs
  • Outdated version of Adobe
  • An Anti-virus software creating problems

Solutions For Adobe Acrobat Error 1603

Here below are the useful ways to fix this Adobe error 1603. The solutions will be a bit tricky but at the same time effective for resolving this Adobe error code.

Solution 1: Stop Recently Installed Software Programs

After installing a recent software program if you are visiting this Adobe error 1603, then at first, you need to disable the program to check if this is the cause. And to do this follow the below lines.

Open Services Window

To begin this process, first, opens the Run command box. And to do this, press the Windows key along with the letter R. Then, on this Run dialog box, type “services.msc” and click on the OK box to open the Services window. Now, under this Services window, you will visit all the programs which are running on your computer device. Hence, to disable the currently installed program, at first, you need to identify it from this long list. After getting the program, click twice on that.

Disable Problem Creating Progam

On doing the aforementioned procedure, a window will open. From this window, make the Startup type to disable by dropping down the menu arrow. After completing all the processes, hit on the OK box and close all the windows. And then restart your device and check whether this Adobe error 1603 still persists. And if by doing this you see that the problem gets resolved then uninstalll that program to make the Adobe in a workable condition.

Uninstall A Program

If by following this above procedure you find that the problem gets fixed, then to uninstall the program go to the Control Panel window from the Windows search bar. After that, change the View by into Category by dropping the arrow menu. After that, from the available options click on Programs and then on Programs & Features. In doing this, you will visit all the installed programs of your system. By following the above procedures, enable the program at first by going to the Services screen. And then from the Programs & Features window right click on the disturb creating program and then make a tap on Uninstall to complete this process.

You can also apply all this process steps to verify if the third-party antivirus tool creates a problem. And if then by following the same procedures uninstall the Antivirus software to get your Adobe files to work.

Solution 2: Uninstall To Adobe Update Error 1603

If the Adobe Acrobat files get corrupt due to unpredictable activities or get outdated then it can result in this Adobe error 1603. In such cases, the better way to resolve is to uninstall and reinstall the updated version of Adobe Acrobat. Follow this below instruction lines to learn this solution process for resolving the Adobe 1603 error issue.

Firstly, open the Command Panel screen. Add for this go to the Windows search bar by a single press on the Windows keyboard button. Then, on the search bar type Control Panel and hit on it from the searching results. After that, change the View by to Category by dropping down the menu arrow. Now, from this Control Panel options select on Programs and then on Programs & Features. This will show all your system installed programs, now from this list go to the Adobe-related files and choose on Uninstall to remove.

After removing the Adobe files from your system then open a browser. Then, by using the internet connection go to the Adobe official files. From here search the Adobe files which are compatible with your system. After getting those updated Adobe flash player version, download it by clicking on the Download box. Keep calm until this downloading process gets over. As the files get downloaded then go to its location. And then double click on this downloaded file to open. Then, follow all the on-screen instructions to install the Adobe updated version along with the drivers. As the installation process gets over then Restart your computer to verify this solution, whether it works or not.

Solution 3: Stop The Conflicting Program

In some cases, if is found that a running program stops you to open the Acrobat files. If this is the case then the best way to resolve this is to stop all the programs. And for this, the best option is to shut down your device by using the power switch button and then wait for a moment. After that again turn on your device and refresh your system.

To Refresh, you need to make a right click on an empty space of Desktop screen. On doing this a menu window will get pop-ups in which select the Refresh option. After doing this, keep pressing the F5 button from your keyboard to continue Refreshing. It is better to always Refresh 5 times after restarting the system to get the better working performance of your Windows OS. Then, start to use the Acrobat reader to check its working status.

These are the ways by applying which you can be able to resolve this Adobe error 1603 on your own without the help of a technician. Hope all these writings are quite helpable to you to understand and to follow the solution steps