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Ultimate Guide To Fix Adobe Error 150 30 In An Instant

Adobe is a software company which develops various applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Flash Player. It is compatible in both the Mac and Windows OS. However, if you are stuck with the Adobe error 150 30, then you may not be able to use any of the Adobe Application softwares especially Adobe Photoshop in your device. This error code pop-ups with a message “Licensing for this product has stopped working” at the time when you try to open Adobe Photoshop. In this condition, you need to resolve it as soon as possible to access this creative Photoshop software in your functioning device. In order to do so, you can apply these below mentioned steps to resolve the issue.


Possible Causes For Adobe Error 150 30

It is a very difficult task to provide you with a specific reason for which you are facing this Adobe licensing error code. Here we have listed some common reasons which can result in Adobe error 150 30.


  • Improper Installation.
  • Adobe folder files get corrupt.
  • Changes made by a new software.
  • Conflict between two different versions

Basic Requirements For Getting Adobe Photoshop Software In Your Device

The basic system configuration for getting Adobe Photoshop CS6 in your Windows are as follows.


  • The Processor must be a Pentium 4 or an advanced one.
  • Windows XP or the updated versions.
  • Minimum of 1GB free space in Hard Disc and as well as in RAM.
  • Recommended Resolution is 1280*800 with 16-bit color

If all these requirements are getting fulfilled, then you are eligible to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 in your Windows Operating System. After fulfilling all these the requirements, another essential thing is the Adobe license without which you are not able to install it on your device. Agreeing all the terms and conditions after creating an Adobe account you will get the Adobe license as a default by using which you can complete the installation process of Adobe Photoshop.


How To Fix Adobe Error Code 150 30?


Though this is a license issue which can only be solved by the Acrobat team. But you can try some of the useful procedures from this article to get rid of this Adobe error 150 30.

Procedure 1: Utilizing A Third-Party License Repairing Tool

If the license gets corrupted due to some uncertain activities then to fix the problem, a third-party license tool will be a better option to resolve. To fix the license related problem, apply this below lines.

At first, close all the running applications from Windows including the Adobe applications. After that remove this location folder by navigating to the startup disc.

[hard drive]/Library/Application Support/FlexNet Publisher/

Further during this process, if it ask you for the Adobe password then write it to confirm the deletion process. As the folder gets deleted then search for a third party license repair tool by opening a browser to download. Next, utilize this tool to resolve this licensing Adobe error 150 30.


Procedure 2: Get Your System Back

If you notice that this error code occurs after a new software program gets installed then the reason for this error may be due to the malfunction of the latest software. To resolve this, the best way you can check is by uninstalling the software. To uninstall a software, the process is given below. But if it fails to work, then you can restore your system by using the default restore facility. By using the restore facility, you can go back to the time at which your Adobe Photoshop works perfectly. To use this Restore facility follow this below instructions.


Go To Choose An Option Screen And Select On Troubleshoot

First of all, take the mouse cursor to the left hand side of the Windows symbol and then right click on it and pick up the Settings option. Now under this Settings window click on the Update & Security option. Then from the left menu list of this Update & Security window hit on Recovery. Next, from the right-hand side press, the Restart now box which is under the Advanced startup section. After doing this, you will route to the Choose an option screen, click on Troubleshoot.


Select The Restore Time

Further, select the “Advanced options” option and then on System Restore. By doing this process, you will see  that your system will restart and getting back to the point at which the time is set. Next again you will enter the blue screen environment, here you need to choose your Microsoft account and then enter your Account password to get started. After that click on the ‘Continue’ box. Now you can see that the Restoring process is on and after that click on Next. Then from the restore time options pick the time which must not be much earlier because it may cause you to lose many important data as well as useful softwares from your system.


Click On Next

After selecting the time period from the options then select Next to complete the restoring process.
By doing this, you may get your Adobe Photoshop back from this Adobe error 150 30 issue.


Procedure 3: Uninstall The Problem Creating Software Which May Includes Another Photoshop Version

If any of the program softwares conflict with Adobe Photoshop and results in this Adobe error 150 30, then the best way to solve is to uninstall the program creating software. In order to do this continue with the below instructions.

At first, identify the problem creating software by disabling your problematic software and then run your Photoshop application. As you get the problem creating software, then open the Control Panel window. Now change the View By option to Category by dropping down the options menu.

After that, hit on Programs and then on Programs & Features. This will show you all the installed programs of your system including the problem creating software. Now search for the problem creating software from this menu list and then right-click on it and select on Uninstall. Now you can check the workable condition of Your Adobe Photoshop by clicking on it.
These are the workable solutions which can be able to fix this licensing Adobe error 150 30.