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How To Fix Adobe Error 131 – 4 Easy Methods

Adobe is a software company which is primarily based in the USA. It is especially famous for its photo and video editor app which is preferred by the professional creator. Apart from that, it also contains PDF viewer, Flash player, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc which are also liked by the users.

The main feature that makes Adobe software this much popular is their covalent bond nature. That means all of its softwares like Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Reader, Adobe Lightroom CC, etc are connected to each other. For this reason, they can also perform each work to some extent. This is really a great feature and creators community loves to use it.

But with all these connectivity features, Adobe software also accommodate few errors and bugs in it. Most of them are have some easy fixes but some require hardcore manual tweaking and in-depth technical knowledge.

On today’s topic, we are going to discuss Adobe error 131 and we will try to find some solutions for it.

Reasons For The Adobe Reader Error 131

This error 131 occurs in the Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The users get hit by this error when they try to view a PDF file on software with the Adobe Reader Extensions which applies the usage rights to that PDF document and the Full save option active.

At that moment, the Adobe Reader and Acrobat show “There was a problem reading this document (131)” error message. But sometimes, they aslo show “An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem” error message.

But if you are thinking that this error message occurred due to the user’s fault or wrong file selection, then you are wrong. This is just a software bug which Adobe is trying to fix into future updates. But for the time being, there are some ways by which you can fix this issue and back to work again.

Methods To Fix Adobe Reader Error 131

To make the Adobe Reader and Acrobat functional again, here some methods that you can follow.

1.Disable The Full Save Option

The easiest way to solve this issue is that you need to disable the Full Save option. The first thing, you need to disable the Full Save option in the Reader Extensions tool and then apply the rights again. This will make this error stop. It will also activate the Incremental save feature on the PDF documents.

Due to this Incremental save feature, the file size will become a little bit large but not by too much. And it will also increase the performance of the Acrobat and Reade when you will go through its save operation and for that reason, the file will not get corrupted.

Now, if you are using the API instead of the web interface to apply rights then you also enable the Incremental Save option by using the PDFUtilitySaveMode object.

2. Update The Drivers

As we already told you that this is a bug which is present in the Adobe Reader and Acrobat and the best possible way to solve this error is patch update and software realized by the Adobe.

In its official forum, Adobe has stated that they are going to release a patch update to resolve this Full save bug in the ReaderExtensions pretty soon.

But for the time being there is a patch available to temporary fix this issue. This patch update is known as LiveCycle ES2 SP2. To get this download, go the Enterprise support as soon as possible.

3. Run The  File Checker

Run the File CheckerDue to this error, there is a solid chance for file corruption, especially on PDF files. Therefore, to scan and restore the corrupted file, the File Checker operation is required and mandatory.

To do this scan, first, you need to open the Run dialog box with the “Windows key + R” button. Now,  you need to type “cmd” on it. But before hitting the Enter key you need to hold the “Ctrl + Shift” key. Then, a permission box will appear on the screen. Click on the OK option which is present on it. After that, the Command Prompt box will appear on the screen. On that box, you need to type “sfc /scannow” and then hit the Enter key.

After that command, the system file checker will begin its work and try to check for the corrupted files. But it will take some time to complete its scan and restoration process, therefore, be patient about it.

After the completion of the scan, you just need to follow the instruction on the screen to apply the fixes. This will help you to recover your all corrupted files and also help you solve other problems which are related to file corruption.

4. System Junk Clean Up

Clean System JunkClearing the system junk files like Temporary files and folder can improve the performance of the Adobe Reader and Acrobat. This could help you to maintain the stable situation after the disabling procedure of the Full Save option.

To perform this cleanup, first, you need to open the Run dialog Box with the help of “Windows key + R” keys.  Now, you need to type “cmd” on it. And then hit the Enter key by holding the “Ctrl + Shift” key. This will lead you to a permission pop-up where you need to click the OK option.

Now on the Command Prompt box, you need to type “cleanmg” and then hit the  Enter key. This will begin the Disk Cleanup procedure will start and calculate the space you can reclaim.

After that, the Disk Cleanup will appear in a form of a dialog box where you need to check the box beside the Temporary file category. Check iit and all the other boxes and then click on the OK option. This action begins the cleanup and your work is done


We hope that our article on Adobe error 131 is able to solve all the problems you are facing. We will keep updating about the other solutions as well.