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How To Factory Reset Computer: Get Easy Hacks

Factory Reset simply means resetting your system software to its default state. All your personal settings will be deleted and restored to its manufacturer settings. It is to some extent similar to formatting your hard disk. So, if you want to perform a factory reset on your computer make sure you make a backup of all the important data you need. This is because your documents will be erased.
Factory Reset fixes issues related to the performance of your system. It also solves problems like Bluescreen or Black Screen where your system freezes.

Circumstances When You Need To Perform Factory Reset

You can get a guideline of some of the situations where you need to perform a Factory Reset Windows 10. This will prevent you from unnecessary resetting which will be of no help if your system is facing some other problems for which the Factory Reset is not required. Have a look at some of the circumstances where you need to perform the factory reset.

You can solve performance related issues of your system where you can’t find any solution to recover your system. You can use Factory Reset when you have the Blue screen or Black screen issues. Severe virus attack requires a Factory Reset and also for hard disk related problems.

How To Factory Reset Computer

The simplest way to perform a Factory Reset is given below. Just go through the steps to reset your machine.

  1. Press F8 continuously when your computer starts to access “Advanced Boot Options”.
  2. There you have to select “Repair Your Computer” through your cursor keys and press Enter.
  3. In the “System Recovery Options”, select your Account and select the “Dell Factory Tools”.

Uninstall Third-party Antivirus

A third-party antivirus in your system can hamper the perfect working of the Start menu. It often blocks the access of some of the key features of the Operating System. You need to uninstall it manually to get rid of the defects. Take a look at the procedure to remove the software from the computer.


  • At first, go to “Start” button on the bottom left corner of your taskbar and click on it.
  • Then, type in “Control Panel” in the search box of Windows and press the Enter key.
  • Open “Programs and Features”.
  • A list will appear containing all the softwares that are installed in your system. Look for the third-party antivirus that you want to uninstall. Moreover, you can also search for that above in the search box if you are unable to locate manually.
  • After finding the software right-click on it and select the “Uninstall” option from the drop-down menu.

Wait for some time as your system will Uninstall the antivirus along with all the additional files and folders.

Update Operating System

Click the right side of Taskbar and then look for the “Settings” icon. Click on it to open the Settings window. Then, you have to select the “Windows Settings” option. In the “Windows Settings” option click on the “Update & security” option to Update the Operating System.