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How To Factory Reset iPhone 8: Effective Measures

iPhone 8 has earned a good name from users all over the world. It is known for providing users with a seamless experience. Despite being an excellent device, it is possible for you to experience technical difficulties on iPhone 8. In that case, you may want to know how to factory reset iPhone 8.

If your iPhone 8 has been crashing or freezing, you can resolve the issue by restoring it to the factory settings. In addition to that, if your iPhone becomes sluggish all of a sudden, performing a factory reset can improve its performance to a great extent This content provides you with the essential details regarding factory reset on iPhone 8.

How To Reset iPhone 8

You will be required to follow the steps mentioned below in order to factory reset iphone 8.

Backup iPhone 8

Backup iPhone 8

If you want to reset your iPhone, you will have to make sure that you back up the essential data on your iPhone. In order to back up your iOS device, you can use either iTunes or iCloud.

If you want to back up the data via iCloud, you need to go to Settings and then to ‘iCloud’. After that, you need to ensure that ‘backup’ has been enabled. Under the ‘backup now’ option, you will get to see the date and time of your last backup. After tapping on the ‘back up now’ button, you will have to follow the instructions meticulously.

On the other hand, if you want to back up your data via iTunes, you should connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac with the help of a charging cable. On iTunes, you should click on the iPhone 8 icon.

Restoring The Device To Factory Settings

Restoring The Device To Factory Settings

Once you are done with backing up your data on iPhone 8, you can perform a factory reset. Doing this is going to erase everything from your iPhone which is why you need to back up your data.

Step 1– In the first step, you need to first go to Settings and click on ‘General’. After clicking on ‘Reset’, you will have to select the option for erasing all the content as well as settings.

Step 2– In case you have set a passcode, you will have to enter it. After that, you are going to see a warning box in which you will have to tap the red button.

Step 3– In the next step, you should enter your Apple ID and password. After this step, the storage of your iPhone 8 is going to be empty. Moreover, it will take your iPhone back to its original settings.

Step 4– You can also reset your iPhone 8 with the help of iTunes. Once you plug in your iPhone, you are going to locate a ‘reset iPhone’ button that can reset your iPhone entirely.

What To Do If You Reset iPhone Without Backing Up The Data

At times, you might have reset your iPhone to factory settings without backing up the data. You need to check whether there is already a backup.

In order to find out, you can go to Settings and then click on ‘Storage’ after navigating to iCloud. Then you need to tap on ‘Manage Storage’. You are going to see several backups on the iOS devices. On that list, you may find a backup of your iPhone 8.

You can tap on that backup to see if the data had been backed up. Alternatively, you can also go to Settings, then iCloud and to ‘Backup’. Then, check the date and time of the last backup. The backup could have happened when you charge your iPhone and connected to a Wifi network.